Jessica Catalano’s Top 10 Gardening Supplies & Seed Companies

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282590_orig10) Greenhouse Seed Company

In 1985, Arjan (The King of Cannabis) founded The Green House Seed Company in Amsterdam. This company has been killing it for years as far as genetics are concerned. A man after my own heart, Arjan obsessively collected genetics from all over the world to ensure breeding that would produce high quality medicinal and recreational cannabis.

The strains that this company produces have some of the most distinctive terpene flavor profiles I have experienced. They also specialize in strains specific to indoor or outdoor gardening.

On Valentine’s Day of last year, my fiancée surprised me with the wonderful genetics of The Greenhouse Seed Company by gifting me an Alaskan Ice clone. White Widow x Haze is the genetic makeup of this striking plant with 21.49% THC and 1% CBD. It is a soaring and quick-hitting cerebral high that builds in body effects and is great for medical marijuana patients. If you have never experienced Alaskan Ice or any genetics from Greenhouse Seed Company, it is about time to start.


9) DNA Genetics

This is another great seed company from Amsterdam, established in 2004 to breed medicinal cannabis seeds. DNA Genetics has won over 50 awards in several countries around the world.

I got hooked on this seed company on a trip to a local dispensary when I was living in Littleton, Colorado. LA Woman has become one of my all-time favorites. It has medical properties to be reckoned with. DNA Genetics crossed Martian Mean Green x LA Confidential to produce this beauty at 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. An incredible terpene profile equally matches its medicinal qualities. LA Woman will uplift you with a nice rush, then gently lull you into an ultra-relaxed state, which is perfect for anxiety or insomnia.


8) Grodan Rockwool

I was introduced into the fine art of making clones by Dan at Medical Marijuana of the Rockies in Frisco, Colorado. He has all the passion, skillfulness, talent, artistic eye, and OCD-like qualities to set his work apart from the flock. People literally drive up to 3+hours from all over the state just to buy clones from this man and get advice about plant care. So when he took the time to show me things or answer my questions, you bet I listened.

This company has been making the highest quality rockwool since 1969 and has won the prestigious European Eco-Label that is proudly displayed on their products. Raw volcanic stone and coke are fed into a furnace that melts them before spinning them in threads. The beauty of this medium is it can be easily transferred into soil or hydro systems. It can also be recycled into your garden by breaking it up in soil systems to improve aeration and moisture content.


7) Happy Frog Bat Guano

I never thought in my life I would ever say “I love bat shit.” But I do. This organic aged bat guano is high in phosphorus and has natural bacteria that will make your plant happy. It helps to produce sweeter flowers while ensuring your plant creates multiple bud sites. I like to mix 1 tablespoon of this product to my normal watering routine and feed it to my plants as a booster every two weeks. Then I dress the top of the soil with pure bat guano combined with worm castings right before they go into flowering. Find what works for you, but bat guano is a must-have for any cannabis grow.


6) Clonex Mist (foliar spray)

This is a newest obsession, I have added it to my cloning preparations and I am finding it has fantastic results. Clonex Mist is made by Growth Technology, a company that sprang up in 1984 and has been paving the way in horticulture ever since. Clonex Mist stimulates the roots of your clones by giving them a nice mix of minerals and amino acids absorbed through the leaves.

One word of caution though, when using this product do not over-moisten your growing medium, otherwise you could experience delayed rooting or possible dampening off of the clones.

When misted on your plant’s leaves every two days, it helps the clones to grow with healthy vigor and establish very strong roots. It also delays the yellowing of leaves throughout the cloning course. It can also be sprayed on your mother plant before cutting your clones to produce stronger clone sites. Yeah, I think I am in love.

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5) Hydrofarm Daystar AC Reflector

Hydrofarm was founded in 1978 and has since become the number one wholesaler of horticultural products in the United States. They have been a trusted source for indoor growing equipment and continue to strive for excellence in their products. The Daystar AC Reflector provides high performance with premier air cooling capacity. Pull down your old reflector, put this beauty up, and pop a thousand watt bulb in it and even the hottest grow area will become comfortable. The ability to control grow room temperatures is a huge plus in my book.


4) Music (Specifically DubStep) 

I know what you are thinking, “What in the hell? How does music– let alone Dubstep –have any place in gardening supplies?” First, you need to understand that plants respond to touch, temperatures, and vibrations.

I hug, pet, talk to and play music for my plants because it makes them happy. Think I am crazy? That is fine, but maybe you should read The Secret Life of Plants or The Sound of Music and Plants before you cast your judgments.

Dubstep is a form of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990’s with roots in Jamaican sound system from the 1980’s. Whenever I garden, I put my favorite Dubstep artists on rotation and I find my plants have a very aggressive, but beautiful, way about their growth. Not into dubstep? Don’t fret.

Pick your favorite styles of music and experiment by playing the music while you are tending your grow, then turn it off when you leave. See how your plants respond then repeat if you find your plants are becoming happier with a specific style of music while you garden. Trust me, this is an experiment you will want to try.


3) Rocky Mountain Worm Company African Nightcrawler Castings

Not all worm castings are created equal, and this company proves that. My experience with worm castings has been subpar. Sure, they worked for a little bit but then the magic of worm poo disappears incredibly fast.

When I landed in their shop in Colorado Springs, I was excited but had no idea what I was heading into. I met the incredibly intelligent owner, Jay Williams, and was given a tour of the facility. Boy, did I ever learn about worms that day. So much in fact, I was quite amazed how much I took these little creatures for granted.

Jay’s company just reeks of passion and you can see this in the product. The company was started as a Father and Son team, and they have built it on family values. When the worm castings were presented to me, my jaw dropped. “Black gold!” At 99% purity, these are the darkest and purest worm castings I had ever laid eyes on. They provide an incredibly high concentration of microbes and bacteria that help to increase yields without the worry of nutrient burn.

After surface dressing one of my plants, which wasn’t in TGA Super Soil, within six days I could see a significant difference in how perky and happy the plant was. If you are a Colorado gardener, you need to get in contact with this company as soon as possible because you will not be disappointed.

Green Avenger's Super Soil Mix By TGA "Subcool" Seeds

Green Avenger’s Super Soil Mix By TGA “Subcool” Seeds

2) TGA The Green Avengers Super Soil

Imagine using a soil so perfectly engineered that during the whole course of the growing cycle you only have to worry about water. I was turned on to TGA Super Soil by two very good friends. I have always been a minimalist at heart when it came to gardening and I always concocted dirt recipes that used bat guano, perlite, earth worm castings and other organic compounds.

I would then fertilize with organic compost teas once a week and rely on water that was pH’d naturally in open buckets the rest of the time. I never liked over complicated or chemical concoctions that promised to produce the highest yields and the fattest buds. I wanted organic ingredients derived from the earth that would create incredible organic medicine even if that meant an average yield.

When I was gifted this amazing soil and applied it to my plants, following the layering instructions, I could see the difference in a 24-hour period. My plants have never looked so healthy, grown so aggressively, and looked so lush as they have with TGA’s Super Soil.

The mycorrhizal fungi and microbes within this soil help to create strong aggressive root growth that allows the plant to take up the nutrients it needs efficiently. It also provides for proper soil aeration and water retention so you don’t get root rot.

“Dioxide”, a breeder and partner with TGA (who has the Super Soil end of the company), took a loose soil recipe that Subcool would make outside in the sun for years, and refined it. he took this recipe to a soil chemist and the two worked on it until perfection was achieved.

This soil is a force to be reckoned with and it will leave you wanting to give Dioxide the biggest hug ever.


1) TGA Subcool Seed Company

In 2001, a group of passionate medical cannabis growers created this wonderful seed company that strives for excellence in breeding.  It aims at producing the highest quality medical cannabis that targets specific medical conditions.

Cheese Quake, Chernobyl, Dairy Queen, Jack the Ripper, Jillybean, Plushberry, The Flav, The Third Dimension, and Agent Orange are my favorite genetics from TGA. My first experience growing Subcool’s genetics was with The Third Dimension, and it blew my mind. This extraordinary plant was a pleasure growing and had the most intense tropical smell that saturated my entire grow room.

Anytime I opened the doors to my grow, I would be hit with a rush of warm tropical notes that were incredibly pleasurable. TGA Seed Company focuses on creating true medicine, and this strain is something that combats my chronic migraines and the nausea associated with my migraine attacks efficiently.

Chronic migraine suffers are also known to experience bouts of depression due to frequently low serotonin, and whenever I feel blue this strain helps me to feel uplifted and at peace. Now, I have the pleasure of growing Jillybean and Chernobyl at my home instead of buying it from dispensaries. TGA Seed Company produces genetics that are so potent and chock full of medicinal properties that I cannot thank them enough. Their strains have helped me battle my chronic migraines, and that my friends is truly a gift.