REVIEW: Zambeezi Organic African Beeswax Lip Balm

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Zambeezi Organic Lip Balm, $3 Click to buy!

Zambeezi Organic Lip Balm, $3
Click to buy!

This lip balm will easily become a must-have in your pocket, in your car, your purse or your home. It glides on smooth and smells fresh of lemongrass, rosemary or citrus. It never leaves your lips with that intense “I need chapstick!” feeling, instead, when it wears off your lips just feel smooth.

Zambeezi harvests its beeswax from central Africa, where there are no pesticides or additives sprayed on surrounding crops for bees to bring back to the hive, making it truly “organic.” It also contains zinc oxide (which soothes inflamed skin) and SPF, so it’s safe to wear out whether you are skiing or sunning yourself on a beach.

Zambeezi employs citizens of Zambia to make the lip balms, they pay residents a living and fair wage for the work– the small lip balm makes a big difference in Zambia where the land is getting carved up for strip mining of copper. Zambeezi is fair trade certified– and affordable, at just $3 a stick.