Dissecting Sanjay Gupta’s New View On Marijuana

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Ladybud Magazine Managing Editor, Angela Bacca, and I sat down to discuss Sanjay Gupta’s CNN Special on medical marijuana and why he changed his opinion on it. It also touches on a topic I recently discussed on the myth of the “marijuana withdrawal.”

MARYJANE DOE: I just watched the Sanjay Gupta better-than-the-typical-mainstream-hit-piece on CNN, and I think the statements concerning withdrawal are concerning.

ANGELA BACCA: Ugh, one of the many reasons I am glad I don’t have a TV. Unfortunately, social media has been abuzz with this all week, so I knew it was happening.

MJD: Well, this is the most remarkably positive show EVER on primetime. It is, however, still full of all kinds of stupid BS negativities and overblown statements on withdrawal and panic… but still progress!

AB: Yeah, I know, I mean, it’s definitely a sign the sentiment is mainstreaming, but I abhor cable television news and am counting down the minutes until the medium becomes a historical relic.

MJD: You’re in my head, totally. I have no idea why they ALWAYS have to make it seem like just because “many people think” something, that it’s not WRONG. Many people think it because cable television news have been lying to them for decades. Who cares what uneducated/ignorant people think? How about asking the people that have studied it in a laboratory for 30 years?

AB: Hey, I’m not even a scientist and I’m constantly baffled at how much weight we give to arguments that have already been scientifically resolved.


AB: Yes, and the United States government should FUND THEM. Obviously if Sanjay is dissecting the issue it’s worth looking into, right? He’s on the TV!!

MJD: There’s been a mountain of research for 50 years.
I’m sure his previous opinion had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that he was up for the Surgeon General’s job and therefore was perpetuating Reefer Madness lies with the utmost of authority for a decade.

Nora Volkow, the NIDA director, was allowed to give her psychotic elevator-talk about the green menace without interruption. As if she doesn’t play a key role in the outright blockade of nearly all laboratory- and clinic-based science funding, worldwide. She mentioned that there are “other agencies” that can fund the research…yeah, there are. She blocked those studies too.

Sanjay actually said “…and while these [harm] studies are inconclusive…” and then went on to say it was an “epidemic.” WHAT?  It’s like saying, “Even though we know this totally isn’t true, this is why everyone simply must know that it IS true.” Utter disingenuous propaganda.

It’s as if the program was meant to make you question the real research they so valiantly pursued. To prepare the Drug Warrior class for their water-cooler conversations about it this week.

“But Jane, didn’t you see that little girl who went from catatonic epileptic to an adorable playful tot? Her parents were literally weeping with joy.”


And scene.

This is ridiculous and it is sad it is dressed up as scientific coverage.

AB: I have always respected your opinion on science and cannabinoids, where can people go to learn more accurate information about Cannabis use?

MJD: Clearly, CNN. </ sarcasm>