5 Policemen Strap Down Young Woman After She Refuses Breathalyzer (VIDEO)

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Republished with special permission. 

by Leslie Salzillo

In several metro Georgia counties, whether you are guilty of a DUI or not, if you refuse a Breathalyzer Test after being pulled over for suspected DUI,  you will be forcibly strapped down, put in a headlock and have blood taken from you. Hard to believe? This video from Gwinnett County, which is quite shocking, is evidence:

This is wrong.

I agree –  drunk drivers should be jailed. Too many children and adults have been murdered on our streets by people who choose to drive under the influence. Far too many drunk drivers get away with their crime again and again – especially if they have deep cash pockets or  a slick attorney who ‘knows’ the judge.

This goes over the line.

After seeing this video, my thoughts went immediately to the innocent drivers who have been, or will be, wrongly pulled over and put through what appears to be a very unconstitutional and extremely invasive procedure, only to be found […Read More]