Matheism: Life is Better Without Math

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by Rev. G. Friesen

People generally all fear snakes, spiders, heights and public speaking. Some fears are just universal and most are evolutionary, experts say, and develop as a response to situations thought to cause harm.

If it is true that people generally fear these things that cause harm, is it not also true that Math causes harm since people universally hate it?

matheismWhy is it that everyone hates Math?
Perhaps it is because it is taught so badly?
Perhaps it is because it really is almost totally useless to know that x=2 when 11x+7=29?
Perhaps it is because the crowd started moving toward hating Math, and hit that special critical mass where it became “sexy” to hate Math?
Perhaps it is because people dislike things they do not do well, and most people don’t do math well (because it is taught so badly)?
Perhaps only certain types of people enjoy Math – but if Math is a universal language, then shouldn’t everyone enjoy Math?
The answer, dear reader, is “None of the above.” Read on and understand why.

Math is full of problems that have long-winded, elaborate solutions. What are these mathematicians trying to hide, anyway?

People Hate Math

Google “People hate math.”

For me, over 27,500,000 results were listed within 0.38 seconds. 100% of the results on which I personally clicked were actual people connecting with other actual people over a shared pain of Math.

Google “People love math”. 75,200,000 arguments appear within 0.50 seconds from people trying to convince everyone else to love Math. With each new result, I believe these people’s arguments less and less.

After all, Google “people love religion” and 146,000,000 results appear within 0.44 seconds. The more these people argue their point, the further from the truth they stray. Why are they trying so hard to convince everyone to believe in the infallibility of Math?

The answer may surprise you.

They do it to control us, by controlling our thinking first, which controls our behavior, second. Proponents of Math, their masters, and their fellows prosthelytize and brainwash in order to manipulate our actions. To move us ever further away from reality and toward ever more abstract representations of it. I repeat: Math is designed to move us from reality toward abstractions of reality. Perhaps this quintessential truth is best demonstrated with money – as money itself holds almost no real value, but is treated as valuable through conscious agreement on measuring the abstract value of the stuff – a value, I might add, that is in constant fluctuation. (An aside: If the value of a dollar fluctuates constantly, why is it that the value of Pi does not? There is no good answer. )

Yes, they use Math against us to control us. Don’t think so? Do you pay taxes?

You are not a number. Don’t you hate being reduced to one, and having that number define your life’s opportunities? Don’t believe this is happening? Take note of “tests” (judgements) such as the GRE, the PSAT, the SAT. The teachers of these student tests also, in fact, have their lives determined by these limiting, insulting “grades” of human potential.

And the NLP of Math is not just taught in schools – and there, constantly reinforced through the entire life of a student – the bourgeois concepts of Math have indeed even been forced into the minds of us and our children from before we can even talk.

Why do we feel as though we are being pulled ever further from nature? From God?

It is because of Math that we feel this loneliness. Remember our earlier example, Money, which is a measure of value, but holds no value itself? The programming to believe in personal mental abstractions over the true nature of things separates us from nature, from God, and from reality. And it is designed and reinforced to control us.

And it’s nothing new. Math was created at the beginning of time or shortly thereafter, probably by the Devil. Math is the source of all human suffering and pain.

To escape suffering and pain, we must eliminate Math from our thinking. This will help us become closer to each other, ourselves, to nature and to God.

Matheism is the belief that Math is the source of all human suffering.

A world without Math would be a world without greed. A world without Math is a world without car accidents, plane crashes, 9/11, and all the pain those things cause. No “us vs. them”. A world without math is a world where there are no limits. Imagine that. Imagine a world where there aren’t “8 Billion People” but instead, a purer world where there are “just people.” Beautiful. Peaceful. God-like.

Souls, marriages, nations can never be divided in a world without Math. Your soul mate and you can never be separated, for you were never one to begin with, you just were. Ah, the beauty, the peacefulness, the god-like beauty and peacefulness of empty equations!

A world without Math would be a world without Bioengineering. Without Global Warming. Without Industrial Waste. Without Nuclear War. Without all these threats to the very existence of human civilization. Sounds like a dream. It isn’t. It’s the future.

Still not convinced? Perhaps the unconvinced denialists among us went to college and prayed to Math? Behold that College would no longer be necessary in a world without math — something I am sure we all agree would be a very good thing.

Time is money. [ Time = Money ]
College requires time and money. [ College = Time * Money = Money^2 ]
Money is the root of all evil. [ Money = √(evil) ]
Therefore: [ College = (√(evil))^2 = Evil. ]

Are you looking to help spread the word about Matheism?

When a holy book has a whole chapter titled “Numbers,” you’re bound to run into some push back when sharing our good news about Matheism. Indeed, underscores that “many of the numbers in the bible have deeper prophetic or spiritual significance.” For those that are embedded in their own belief system who refuse to adopt our more accurate belief system, we encourage you to follow suit with the “watchmaker analogy” argument, to get those people thinking for themselves by asking questions that trap them in their poor reasoning, including:

Will functions and their limits help me wake up in time for work or school?
Do sine, cosine and tangent give us essential-for-life nutrients?
Do I really need to know the shortest distance an ant would take to cover two opposite ends of a cube, when:
I am not an ant.
Because I am not an ant, I can’t crawl walls.

Lastly, it should be noted that not all mathematicians are evil over the duration of their entire career. Rather, some open-minded, spiritually sound mathematicians do reach the peak of reasoning to enable himself or herself to escape the NLP and behaviorist control hubris of Math. When mathematicians reach a high enough level or reasoning, such as did Albert Einstein, they break free. As Einstein wrote so elegantly about Matheism “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

Preach Einstein. Preach.