ASTROLOGY: Cancer, Getting in Touch With Your Inner Moon Goddess

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PHOTO credit: Diane Fornbacher

Welcome to July and the Summer Solstice! A lot of magical things are happening this month, with Jupiter changing signs, Mercury changing direction, and a rare, lucky configuration forming at the end of the month. It all promises to be a very optimistic and lucky month, even though we start out slowly with Mercury in retrograde in the sign of Cancer.

Now, don’t start freaking out. Mercury Retrograde is not “bad”. While it’s NOT a good idea to sign a new contract or start a new job during Mercury retrograde, it is actually a really excellent energy to use to relax, rejuvenate and re-evaluate things.

Mercury is asking us to reevaluate the way we communicate and to let go of things that no longer work for us, including emotions that may be inhibiting our ability to move forward.  The Universe is asking us to do this in order to make room for the astrological gifts about to be bestowed upon us.

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and prosperity, entered it’s sign of “exaltation”, Cancer, a water sign, on June 26th. Previously, Jupiter had NOT been exhibiting it’s best qualities in the intangible air sign of Gemini over the past year. In Gemini, everyone was full of ideas and had lots of things to say, but it was “all talk, no action.”  Cancer is a water sign, and water brings things to life. With Jupiter in Cancer, we can start manifesting and nurturing our ideas and thoughts into reality!

The last time Jupiter was in Cancer was in 2001-2002. So, ask yourself what was going on in your life back then, and what lessons did you learn, so that when similar opportunities arrive today, you can ask yourself how you might do things differently?

However, put off officially implementing anything until after July 20th, when Mercury goes direct.  By then, you should be done re-evaluating and getting rid of things, and you will ready to move forward.

Finally, on July 29th, the most magical day of the year arrives!  It’s the “Grand Sextile” in water and earth signs.  Seven planets will all be in feminine signs, bringing balance and equilibrium back to our solar system, which has been dominated by masculine (air and fire) energies for hundreds of years.  This energy is said to have the possibility of healing spiritual, social, political and ecological energies that have been out of balance for so long.  So, use this auspicious day for something important to you!

(June 21-July 22)

It’s your year to shine, Cancer!  With Jupiter exalted in your sign, you are a magnet for prosperity this month.  And while you don’t want to make any commitments or sign any contracts until Mercury goes direct after July 19th, the path to prosperity, growth, fertility and creativity is just opening up for you.  Watch for a burst of energy after July 14th and use it to make your dreams a reality.

(July 23-August 22)

July is the most romantic month for Leos this year. Venus is in your sign, so expect your social calendar to be filled.  It is a particularly good time to bond with your female friends as well.  A new romantic connection is possible. Keep your heart open!

(August 23-September 22)

This is a good month for you, Virgo, to re-evaluate your daily heath habits, your job life (is it healthy?) do a cleanse, start a new yoga class, and finish up those old projects you’ve been putting on the shelf.  The Universe wants you to tie up loose ends before July 23rd to make room for a possible new romance!

(September 23-October 22)

You feel like you are surrounded by crybabies this month. It’s throwing off your equilibrium.  Try to tap into your more compassionate side, but allow yourself plenty of down-time and distance, too. Burn off negative energy on a hike or on a run with a good friend on July 17th.

(October 23-November 21)

Life is never easy when you are a Scorpio. But it’s been particularly challenging, as Saturn, the planet of restriction, discipline and boundaries, has been in your sign, and retrograde no less. You are re-evaluating that which you can and cannot control. Your discipline will pay off this month, as Jupiter promises to give you a break and bestows a little good luck on you around July 25th.

(November 22-December 21)

It’s been nothing but rumors and gossip, all talk and no action lately, but this month is different.  Ideas you felt were locked up inside you are finally coming to life.  You’ve been getting in touch with your emotional side. It’s okay, Sagittarius. If you need to cry on July 9th, we won’t tell anyone. Let it go so you can begin to embrace your new life.

(December 22-January 19)

You’ve been going through some massive changes, not all comfortable, and this month is no different.  These challenges that you face today will give you the tools you need to create the life you want beginning on your luckiest days this year: July 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

(January 20-February 18)

You’ve been having trouble focusing, and feel very impulsive lately.  Aquarius can be stubborn, but you are smart enough to stay open to change. Go with the flow this month. You will feel a lot more grounded and organized by July 23rd. The 24th and 25th are great days to get what you need.

(February 19-March 20)

You are more psychic and more intuitive than ever, and this month, the Universe helps your best qualities shine. Others may come to you for advice and compassion, and you will feel you have been given incredible gifts of insight that you can share.  Be cautious of any “get rich quick” schemes before July 19th.  There are definitely some legitimate, lucky opportunities for prosperity at the end of the month, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

(March 21-April 19)

Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable this month. You’ve been getting in touch with your unique, eccentric side and it’s weirding you out. Think twice before picking a fight just because “your feelings got hurt”. It’s not worth it. You luckiest days this month are July 27th, 28th, and 29th.

(April 20-May 20)

The creative juices want to flow, and you’re dying to spend some money now, but Saturn is asking you to take care of your responsibilities first.  Re-organize your money and your stuff, think twice before spending a large sum of money on anything until after July 20th.

(May 21-June 20)

Even though things are not bad, you’ve been a nervous wreck all year.  The energy finally shifted for you this month and you feel you can finally put your words and ideas into action. Just think twice before you speak between now and July 19th.

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