Smooth Your Rough Summer Feet With Bubble & Bee Lotion Sticks

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Bubble & Bee Lavender & Orange Blossom Lotion Stick. $8 Click to buy!

Bubble & Bee Lavender & Orange Blossom Lotion Stick. $8
Click to buy!

When the weather is hot, it feels pretty oppressive to lock your feet in sneakers, flats or pumps and a lot of times we end up wearing the same flip flops, every single day of summer. While it feels good to plunge your feet in the ocean or bury them between some cool grass, the more outdoor play they get, the rougher they feel at home in bed, and nobody wants to rub up against someone’s sandpaper feet.

When you are travelling it’s hard to keep up, and not everyone brings  a pumice stone in their to-go bag. Short of getting a pedicure, one of the fastest way to smooth the skin is to wash them, put on a deep moisturizer and a pair of socks and let it seep in overnight. When you wake up, the skin will be smoother, more supple, and look it in a cute pair of open-toed shoes or strappy sandals.

We like Bubble & Bee Organic Lotion Sticks because they are 100% FDA certified organic, and since they come as a thick delicious natural-scented stick, the lotion won’t spill all over your purse. Bubble & Bee products are made with organic beeswax in the Beehive State, up in the dry atmosphere of Utah’s Rocky Mountains in Park City, where the dry climate makes moisturizing a year-round must. The scents are appetizing and appropriate for both men and women. They go on thick and create a protective layer of moisture around the dry areas of your skin by penetrating deep to restore the moisture, rather than just alleviate temporary dryness.

Stephanie Greenwood, founder of Bubble & Bee

Stephanie Greenwood, founder of Bubble & Bee

Stephanie Greenwood, Bubble & Bee founder, studied chemistry at the University of Utah. In her twenties she was inspired to create products free of phthalates, parabens and fragrances, which she had been attributing to her health problems, including hormonal imbalance and asthma. The company is dedicated to using clean products that actually work.

We like them also because they are a company that uses ethically-sourced raw ingredients and give back to their community. Our favorite scents: Lavender and Orange Blossom and Chai Guy, mmm!