Cannabis And The Female Life Cycle

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PHOTO: Happy Uterus by primavera777

By Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD

At one time, it was simply assumed cannabis would mark the various stages of the life cycle in women. Today, traditions must be re-examined in the light of modern medicine, experimentation, gathering scientific data – and most importantly, in safety considerations.

Cannabis and Menses

The tradition of using cannabis for premenstrual syndromes and menstrual cramps are very good and healthy traditions.  The effect of cannabis as a relaxant of smooth muscle is well-known. Smooth muscle is also known as the “involuntary” muscle. It is not possible to voluntarily tell these muscles what to do. For example, if I tell you to “relax your uterus” (or your upper intestines, for that matter) it is simply not so easy to do. However, cannabis can do it! Often women experience mood swings prior to menses (or at the beginning) and cannabis seems to help with this too.


Cannabis and Pregnancy

I am frequently asked about the use of cannabis during pregnancy.  Mothers are also interested in the effect of cannabis while breastfeeding. There is a fair amount of proof the psychologically active components of cannabis can get through the placenta and through the breast milk. What is less clear is what the tiny developing brain actually does when psychologically active cannabis substances are delivered to it. I see women, whose gynecologists and obstetricians have recommended cannabis during pregnancy, for morning sickness and other […Read More at]