Advice For Pro-Marijuana Activist Moms

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by Robin Schneider

As a divorced mother with full custody of four wonderful children, being a pro-marijuana advocate is serious business. It takes dedication, discipline, courage and a lot of love to balance family and activism. It’s a fast paced life full of controversy and I must warn you–this life is not for everyone.

When I first became a vocal pro marijuana activist, I felt both empowered and terrified. I would lay awake at night and imagine a SWAT team with masks and guns crashing through my door and screaming and crying and lots of fear.

It was a logical possibility so I had to think it through. How would we react? Would anyone get hurt? Sometimes I would think maybe I should stop my activism to protect my children, but then again it’s their future and their freedom I’m fighting for.

After careful consideration I decided to move forward but on my Girl Scout’s honor I would always be prepared. At all times my house must be in order. If they did come for me they might expect to find a bong on the coffee table and poor, unfed, dirty and neglected children, but that wouldn’t be the case at all.

In order to ease my fears, I decided keeping my household in order was priority number one. At all times the house is reasonably clean, the children are bathed and fed, there is food in the cupboards, and homework is completed on time. Also,┬ájust in case my children are questioned about my activism at school, I have taken extreme measures to not ever use marijuana in their presence. They’ve never seen me high or even drunk for that matter. But I didn’t stop there.

I made it a point to have open and honest discussions about my work with school officials, teachers, counselors and even the local police officers assigned to the school. They would read my quotes in the paper, see me on the news and hear me on radio interviews anyway, so I might as well be proactive. I make it a point to show up to school activities, functions, parent meetings and even to the DARE lessons, where I have had no qualms about interjecting my own opinions.

The fact is my children are so brilliant and so amazing, clearly my activism has been a non-issue as it pertains to their well being. They are kind, caring, well mannered and extremely smart. Recently, as I was watching my son receive the student of the month award, the school officer leaned over and told me all of my children are so amazing. And they are just that because I have put my time and my heart into them most of all. They come first.

So if your house is not in order, if there is no food in your cupboards, if your children are truant and failing out of school, chances are you may not want to be a pro-marijuana activist. The cold hard truth is that we ARE targets. This is not a party, it’s a political war and before you jump into the line of fire take a look in the mirror and make sure you are ready for battle.

The fact is being a marijuana reform activist has absolutely nothing to do with smoking marijuana or getting high. It’s about leading, it’s about being the example, and it’s about being the very best you can be, especially when you’re a mother.

Robin Schneider is the Legislative Liaison for the National Patients Rights Association (NPRA) and has volunteered with the Michigan Moms United