Green Frog Balm: A Cannabis-Infused Deep Tissue Massage

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Green Frog Medicated Balm makes its home nestled between several redwood trees in the Sonoma Valley. A husband and wife team are the brains behind Green Frog, a salve with eight botanical extracts and essential oils, including cannabis extract.

The product has been two years in the making. Both Al and Alicia suffered from chronic pain for years: arthritis, inflammation, spinal problems and other issues requiring pharmaceutical medications. At first, like most people who approach dispensaries with product, they kept the balm on consignment. But as the popularity grew, the dispensaries just purchase it and keep it in stock. It is now in 10 dispensaries across the State of California. Alicia is a massage therapist and offers full-body massages using the balm.

“We are very happy to have created something that helps people relieve pain without destroying the inside of their bodies,” said Al.

I have had chronic back pain for years, suffering mostly from muscle spasms which of course my doctor treats with muscle relaxants and narcotics. While these work, they leave me listless and drugged up. I was so excited to try out the balm. The smell is absolutely wonderful with peppermint being the dominant aroma. I have tried a number of salves and balms with cannabis, and this is the first I have tried that doesn’t have an overwhelming smell of pot.

Just seconds after the initial application of the balm, I felt my muscles loosening up. Alicia has almost 20 years massage experience, and it shows, but her talent was definitely complemented by the balm. It had a very strong anti-inflammatory effect.

And as a non-smoker, one of the positives of the topical salves is I can get the healing effects of the cannabinoids without getting high. Also, it is safe for those who get drug tested at work.

“We have not been able to get it to show up on a drug screen,” Al said.

There are 3.05 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and THC-A in each gram of the balm along with lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, chamomile, arnica and wintergreen. The base is castor oil and beeswax as there are virtually no people allergic to either.

“The cancer patients love it,” said Alicia. One night they got a call from the owner of a dispensary at about 9 p.m. “When we answered the phone he said he had two people there with him who wanted to talk with us. It turns out they were cancer patients who had been using the balm and who wanted to personally thank us.” She had tears in her eyes when recalling the story.

Though they hadn’t intended on expanding, one of their clients asked if they would make a tincture. Al invested in the research and development of it and they now have a tincture available under the Green Frog label as well.

An added bonus, it is an amazing period cramp cure too!

If you are lucky enough to visit the Sonoma area, I strongly recommend you get a massage with Green Frog Balm, it will be an experience like nothing you have ever felt. One day soon, it will be legal for you too.