Mormon Mom Thrown in Mexican Prison for Failing to Bribe Judge

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PHOTO: Yanira Maldonado and Husband Gary Maldonado, on their wedding day

By Sarah Rae Fruchtnicht

A Mormon mother-of-seven visiting Mexico for a funeral was thrown in jail when her bus was stopped at a military checkpoint and marijuana was found on board. Her family says she was thrown in prison after they failed to raise money to bribe a judge quickly enough.

Yanira Maldonado was returning to Arizona from Mexico with her husband Gary after they attended her aunt’s funeral. Stopped at a military checkpoint near Hermosillo on Wednesday, police claimed they found marijuana beneath a seat. Yanira and her husband claim the cannabis was not theirs – a devout Mormon couple, they don’t even drink alcohol.

Accused of smuggling, at first officials arrested Gary. Then, claiming they made a mistake, they said the marijuana was actually under Yanira’s seat. The couple had been the only Americans on […Read More]