REVIEW: 100% Pure Body Creams

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We are just obsessed with 100% Pure Cosmetics. They have all the elements we look for in natural beauty products, they are a domestic small business that makes cruelty-free products sans synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives, petro-chemicals or ingredients you can’t spell. They make simple, all natural products that are clean and guilt free.

But unlike some natural products, they work really well. Their line of body creams is super skin-hydrating without being greasy. They smell so delicious you want to eat them. When you slather them on your skin right out of the shower, the fresh scent will not overwhelm, but instead delight the senses of anyone lucky enough to get close to you.

The company is a true model of corporate social responsibility, they donate to local, national and international charities and are dedicated to their overall mission–to create 100% pure beauty products that work, are affordable and guiltless!

We love them all but particularly the Honey Almond, White Peach and Meyer Lemon. Try the Coffee Bean Eye Cream too!