Susan Squibb’s Five Beauty Essentials

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Generally, my skincare essentials are plant based. I keep it simple for my sensitive skin and my conscious consumer ethics. Moisturizers are essential in Colorado’s dry climate. I use a couple of hemp seed lotions to absorb the beneficial and deeply penetrating properties of the oil into my skin.  Sunscreen is also a must to protect from the damaging sunrays at high altitude.

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector is my absolute fave hemp health and beauty product. The Body Shop launched this pioneering line of hemp seed oil skincare in the late 1990’s and the Hemp Hand Protector has been my long time favorite.  A quarter sized dab is a great balm for hard working hands. The earthy, sandlewood scent is relaxing.


Cleanser: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanseror_0AMA01_300

Dr. Weil is a knowledgeable Harvard trained doctor and botanist.  He has great recommendations for healthier living, including  hemp superfood nutrition and he formulated the botanics in this gentle cleanser.




I make my own toning spritz using Eldorado Springs spring water and a couple drops of lavender essential oil.



hemp_lotion_lg2Nature’s Gate Hemp Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Dehydrated Skin 

Nature’s Gate is a natural health and beauty product pioneer. This hemp lotion also contains shea butter, apricot oil, willow bark, elderflower and green tea to moisturize and nourish the skin. 



Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock SPF 55022108_neutrogena_a
This sunblock has a pleasant, light consistency when applying and thoroughly protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.