REVIEW: Redmond Trading Hydrating Facial Clay Mask

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You may have heard of spa treatments where women and men get there bodies plastered with mud and twigs and leaves– and pay a premium to do it. While a lot of that is just well, MUD, Redmond Facial Clay is actually a little more than that.

First, it’s affordable. This $8 bottle will last you six months to a year when used weekly. Second, Redmond Clays are made domestically in small batches but will ship anywhere– you are putting your money in a small business with ethics.

Finally, it works, it works really well. It works by leaching toxins out of your skin that you can pick up from everyday things like pollution in the air, sweat and makeup that has been sitting on your pores too long. It has an alkaline pH that smooths and soothes. After you wash the dried mask off your face your skin will have a supple, smooth feeling that is so great you want to keep touching your face (but don’t, hand oils can give you zits, depending on your skin type). We love this natural mask and hope you will too, use weekly as a clean skin detox.

To use: wash your face as you usually would, put about about a tablespoon in your hands and spread all around your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for ten minutes, smoke a bowl or meditate, remove mask with warm water and a face towel. You can thank us later!