Mary Jane, My Other Lover: Sex with Cannabis

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Waves of frigid air swirled around me, kicking up old leaves by the door into piles of snow as I opened it and laid eyes on the most delicious man. Searing blue eyes pierced through my heart and his long gorgeous locks of wavy blond hair made me quickly go weak in the knees. I had crossed paths with this beautiful soul twice at my home in Golden, CO when I lived there, and now he was visiting for a third time. As fate would have it, a powerful other feminine energy pulled us together the first night we shared those sacred vaporizer puffs of Sour Diesel as strangers. And then, again on the second night when we puffed away on Lamb’s Bread using my Magic Flight Launch Box, turning infatuated acquaintances into respectable crushes. Everything happens in threes, or so it seems.

A night of light-heartedness, laughter, comfort, easy-going conversation, great company and gourmet food weighed heavily in the air that evening. My guest had requested that dinner would be a recipe I taught to him, so I prepared my mise en place for my Hungarian Wappa Goulash. I thought this recipe would be the perfect dish to teach on a cold winter night. Feeling like a bit of an alchemist, I took him on a journey into the world of edibles. As we sat down and enjoyed the fruits of our labor, that same other feminine energy was back for a third time. Her energy swirled around us, kissing our skin and gently seducing us into an otherworldly evening.

That stranger and respectable crush is now my fiancée, and we allow one other lover to share the space between us, her name is Mary Jane. Mary is the only girl blessed in this world to share both of us, without one or the other getting jealous. Neither I nor my fiancée feel bad about spending some quality time alone with Mary, or inviting her to play with both of us, as we both have had a long history with her.

I first met Mary Jane when I was merely a teenager in seventh grade and he met her when he was 12-years-old. Little did I know, the three nights I shared with this man, Mary was quietly masquerading as a match maker. I never thought it was possible to have met a man with so many similar interests who also loved cannabis as much as I did.

Experiencing a lifestyle ménage à trois with Mary Jane is truly life changing. All aspects of our relationship are positively enhanced by her presence. At first, she helped to create a bond through a common denominator, and then deepened that bond when I exposed him to his first ever strain-specific meal. She has bestowed a multitude of gifts upon our relationship and blessed us with experiences that teach us to be the best possible person we can to the other. She has taught us patience, how to remain young at heart, how to heal each other, how to keep an open ear, how to have courage to maintain a fully open heart, how to be the best lovers and how to get through those rough times when we forget her lessons because we are so emotionally overwhelmed. In all aspects of our life and in all aspects of our relationship her presence is there, helping us along our chosen path.

“Experiencing a lifestyle ménage à trois with Mary Jane is truly life-changing. All aspects of our relationship are positively enhanced by her presence.”

I truly believe Mary should be a part of everyone’s relationship. I have seen so many relationships fail in my lifetime and I believe a good majority of them could have been saved if Mary would have been allowed to play with them to her full potential. Imagine getting up with your other half very early to start your day with a good breakfast of infused edibles, chai, your favorite blunt and your favorite vaporizing cartridge. Then imagine getting dressed to shred some powder in the majestic mountains of Colorado with your favorite snowboard. Excited yet? Envision yourself strapping your feet in and adjusting your ear phones, with the exhilarated feeling of a fantastic Sativa energy edible pumping through your body as you lean over to give your lover a kiss. Hovering over the edge of the mountain you gently move your board and slide down the face of the mountain and gain speed. See yourself navigating through trees, popping out and launching off of snow drifts, carving down to the terrain park to hit boxes, gaining speed to ollie off rollers and then powder chasing with your lover. Enticed yet? Image all the good conversation, the people you meet because the two of you have an aura, how good your body feels from the edibles and how much fun you are having. Now the two of you head home, start a fire and prepare the most delicious medicated dinner.


The best kind of three way.

Yes, life can be that good but it doesn’t stop there. Now visualize yourself with a satisfied tummy embraced in your lovers arms curled up by the fire. Contentment, happiness, purity and love just gush from your soul as your reflect on the day in your lover’s arms. You are acutely aware in the space between the two of you, Mary is washing over you both in warm waves of pleasure and lulling your happily exercised body into wanting exercise of a different variety. Imagine you’re already soaring chemical chemistry mixed with this well-known aphrodisiac and as passion takes a hold of the two of you, your bodies and souls intertwine into heated earthly pleasures.

Mary has always been a welcomed feminine force by us individually and collectively, who has taught us many things which continue to deepen our bond. She will help you realize when that fight is pointless, when you are being stubborn, how to touch your lover just the right way that makes their fingers and toes curl in delight, how to be a good lover and friend, how to improve upon your weaknesses and insecurities, and what the meaning of love is. Just a few more examples of the many wonderful gifts her spirit brings to couples. Introducing Mary into your relationship with your significant other is the best and only ménage à trois partner I would ever suggest. So what are you waiting for?