Kiki Rosemaria’s Five Beauty Essentials

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My beauty philosophy is simple. I think everyone is beautiful, and there is no need to plaster my face and body in toxic chemicals to feel so. I appreciate beauty in it’s natural form, and for the most part tend to shy away from entirely covering my face in makeup, because I think it creates an unfair and unrealistic expectation of what womyn are “supposed” to look like. People have blemishes. They have scars. They have puffy eyes in the morning. This doesn’t make you ugly, it makes you a human being. There is nothing wrong with the way you look. That being said, I support anyone in whatever they want to do with their own body, expressing themselves artistically with the aid of whatever sludge or goop they choose. It’s your world, baby! Do what makes you flourish!

Coconut Oilcoconut-oil

Coconut oil is a great body moisturizer, and does wonders for repairing dry skin and hair. Rub a quarter sized amount on rough knees and elbows (less is more with this stuff), and it also does great as a leave-in treatment for split ends and flyaways. It is however, comedogenic, which means it can potentially clog your pores. Everyone’s body is different, ┬áso exercise caution when using it on your face, especially if you are prone to break outs. Works especially well for some people with eczema too.



Tea Tree OilCLF-09756-5

Tea tree oil, diluted with water, shrinks mild blemishes quickly. Never apply to broken or irritated skin, as it is very potent and can cause rashes. Works slower than benzyl peroxide, but it’s natural!



PlantLove by Cargo Eyeshadow Palettecargo-plantlove-green-goddes-collection

This natural talc-based mineral makeup is shimmery and mostly has decent color pay-off. Not all the colors are opaque, but as a set it is extremely versatile, with colors appropriate for both day and nighttime looks.



Bloom Cosmetics Lipstick in “Precious”

I don’t often wear lipstick, but this is definitely my go-to color for date nights or dancing. Its a sexy wine-colored matte with an awesome natural fragrance.




Arnica is a homeopathic herbal treatment used to treat bruising and swelling as a topical pain reliever. If you are like me, and are slightly accident prone but still like to get hussied up on the weekends, you can heal all the bruises and scrapes on those buttery thighs of yours you may have accumulated throughout the week, just in time to slip into that hot new cocktail dress. You’re welcome.