This Mom Wants Mother’s Day Every Day

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Throughout these past few weeks, I’ve been asked so many times what I wanted for Mother’s day, so I’ve come up with a few requests. Won’t you help make every day Mother’s Day?

I hope:

we will be able to implement Good Samaritan laws, where people will no longer fear prosecution if they are a witness to a drug overdose. Instead of dropping somebody off on the side of the road or simply leaving them alone to suffer, struggle and die, they will be able to take a person to the hospital where they will get the help they need immediately, without fear of prosecution, allowing them to live another day.

…in our country and around the world, mothers and fathers will no longer fear using cannabis medication and can live without the fear of their children being taken from them;  if their children suffer from illness or disease, they too can be helped by cannabis if it is the best medicine for them and doctors will no longer fear prescribing what they know works because politicians will finally understand they should not come between a physician and their patient.

…instead of using the D.A.R.E. program or other inaccurate, politically-charged programs, we can have open dialogue with children about harm reduction and honest information regarding drugs, drug use, drug abuse and the difference between all of them.

…we will have clean syringe exchange programs so if an addict is not ready to give up intravenous drugs, they will not get or give blood-borne diseases.

…those who actually have addictions (not merely using or possessing drugs), will have access to treatment without being looked upon as lesser humans but instead as those who suffer and deserve to be given chances to heal.

…one day, the United States won’t be the top imprisoning country in the world and instead of building more prisons, we will build more schools, have more after school programs and spend more money on education as well as health care.

…I will no longer receive phone calls from good friends and family members (who also happen to be very kind and generous people), on their way to prison to serve mandatory minimum sentences because they were merely providing plant material for other people to consume.

…child molesters, rapists, murderers and violent criminals will be the ones going to prison and staying there instead of nonviolent drug users.

…we have a regulated market all over the country so there are no more incentives for black market drug dealers, gangs, and cartels to fight over turf and create so much collateral damage including the lost lives of many innocent children.

…police will no longer rely on confidential informants, the “snitch culture” will be abolished and people will no longer die in situations in which they never should have been placed — losing their lives for drug busts gone horribly wrong. 

…one day, there will be no more War on Drugs or as it should be known: War on Humans.

My kids, your kids and all of us deserve a better world than the “War on Drugs” offers. Talk to your own mom, grandma, aunts, sisters, cousins and let them know that a greater country and indeed, world, are possible. Click the links and educate yourselves and your friends. We can do it. I know it.

PHOTO CREDIT: ‘Peony’ by Diane R. Fornbacher/Ladybud Magazine