Breath of Life: The Intersection of Marijuana, the Mind and the Sexual Self.

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“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” – Carl Sagan

There is a deeply spiritual essence to marijuana. Sure, there’s the casual buzz, the playful buzz, the zonk-you-out-of-your-mind buzz; but through it all, if you take a few moments to look inward, you find marijuana has a way of quieting the mind.

We live in a society gripped by stimulation. Open your eyes to it, and you find it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere (other than back to nature) without having copious amounts of stimuli shoved at you. Television, radio, billboards, commercials, transportation, jobs; the hustle and bustle of average American life. Is it any wonder anxiety and stress are so rampant in our culture? If we are not careful, it’s easy to forget, amidst all the chaos to slow down, step back, and turn our thoughts inward.

So you get home at last after a busy day, you sit down and spark up. Inhale deep and slow, pausing at the top to hold in your hit, savor it — and then slowly you exhale out fully. A few more moments of this and you begin to feel calm, still, and quiet in mind. Suddenly the busy day washes away and you are allowed a pause in time to just be.

Sound familiar? Congratulations, you’ve practiced Yogic breathing. Yup – smoking marijuana teaches you the basics of pranayama — a wonderful breathing technique which promotes inner peace and a sense of calm, aiding profoundly in meditation.

Deep, full, breath in. Pause. Long, slow full exhale out. Pause. Repeat.

Yogic breathing or smoking pot?

So I’m going to go ahead and make a proposal here:

Marijuana is a gateway drug to a deeper sense of self.

If you enjoy the way Mary Jane makes you feel, you’ll love the way that similarly utilized meditation, yoga and even sex can make you feel too.

Yup, that’s right. Even sex.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.


What does the word conjure in your mind? Maybe you think of sunny beaches or a peaceful babbling brook. Maybe you think of monks sitting around chanting mantras and rocking back and forth together. Maybe you think of Buddhists high in the Himalayas levitating off the ground – but what is meditation really?

Meditation is the act of coming back to yourself, looking inward and quieting the mind. As James Hewitt says in his book on the subject:

“Meditation is the act of coming back to yourself, looking inward and quieting the mind.”

I dare you to sit quietly with your eyes closed and try to think of nothing. Nothing at all! Clear your mind for just a moment – you’ll probably find this is difficult to maintain at first, but with practice it gets easier and easier. These glimpses of nirvana, these moments of quietness are extremely restorative, and allow us to tap into our intuition and higher self. Alas, these moments are painfully lacking in our day-to-day lives. So cut yourself a break, bring your mind to stillness; when you find your thoughts drifting back in, just gently pull yourself back to zen.

Moments of no-thought slow-downs are one of the peaceful side effects many experience from smoking weed. In this way, you’ve already been taught how to recognize that feeling, that state of consciousness. It may help you to smoke before meditation as you accustom yourself to it, eventually working up to a degree of comfort where it’s not even necessary (still, nevertheless pleasant.)

So there you go – marijuana taught you the aim of meditation. Now what about yoga?

As stated before, marijuana teaches us the basics of Yogic breathing (aka pranayama) thanks to the way in which we smoke it. An extremely beneficial practice and easy to do; breathing exercises promote calm and peace in the body as well as mind.

“When one inhales, he is taking in prana and storing it in various nerve centers, especially in the solar plexus. The more prana one can take in, the more vitality he will possess.” – Swami Vishnu-devananda

Prana is described as vital life energy – present everywhere but especially in the air we breathe.

Now I double-dog dare you to try some simple pranayama. Sit still, relaxed with your eyes gently closed. Take a deep full breath in, pause at the top for just a moment (however long is comfortable) – then exhale fully out, nice and slow with control. Pause here again for just a comfortable beat, and repeat. Do this for at least five minutes, gradually working your way up, and as you practice, try to clear your mind of thought; thus incorporating the meditation with the pranayama.

Relaxation, peace of mind, health for your body, meditation – all are aided by the mindful use of pranayama.

Luckily you already know how to inhale deeply right?

Aside from pranayama, in my own experience I find a toke before a yoga session is a wonderful way to relax and get into the head space of yoga and thus more deeply in touch with myself when I begin to practice asanas (poses). Is it necessary for the full enjoyment and fulfillment of the practice? Absolutely not! However, I can honestly say it is a wonderful compliment to the experience.

Okay, okay. Now you know how Mary Jane has already introduced you to the tantalizing worlds of meditation and yoga, but you’re aching to know – what about the sex?!

I can’t speak for sex in general because everyone is different, especially women. For many women, it’s important to maintain complete focus to obtain orgasm, and marijuana can either aid or hinder this depending on the woman. We’re all different!

So what do I mean when I say marijuana can benefit sex? I’m talking about a very specific type of sex; one you may or may not have heard of – Tantric sex.

“A living Indian tradition, of ancient origin, aims at harnessing the great forces of sexual energy for the purpose of achieving higher consciousness… Tantrism harnesses cosmic energy, which it sees in essence as sexual.” – James Hewitt

Now I know there are some people out there who will say, “Hey! You can’t practice Tantric sex unless you’re a devoted member of a Buddhist/Hindu Tantric sect!”

Well yes, in some ways you are correct. It has been stated that Tantra is the most closely guarded sect of all Yogas and as with all things in life, we learn best through the guidance of an experienced and patient teacher. But that doesn’t mean many incredible aspects of Tantra can’t be successfully and beneficially practiced by us all to further our spirituality and connection with ourselves and others.

A quick run down:

“Tantric meditation is a way of focusing the libido and harnessing its energies for transcendental ecstasy. Yogin and Yogini become god and goddess.” – James Hewitt

Tantric sex is a spiritual practice in which many types of ‘rituals’ are performed – the goal being to unite the two lovers in a deeply caring, loving and spiritual way and achieve enlightenment and peace. The goal of Tantric sex is NOT to orgasm! Yes, you read that correctly. One of the principles of the practice is to learn how to harvest that powerful sexual energy and refocus it into other parts of the body for creative, spiritual and health fulfillment – among others.

Some men who practice this generously will even learn how to have multiple orgasms – that is, orgasms without ejaculation. (That may be a little hard for you guys to imagine, but we women can assure you, it fucking rocks!)

So how do you have Tantric sex?

First of all, create a space for the purpose; use soft lights, candles, incense, gentle music. Some like to begin by exchanging sensual full body massages. Then foreplay, and lots of it. Using loving kindness and tender words, remind each other what you love about one another. Come back to your breath and begin to breathe in tandem with your partner. Either breathe in as they breathe out, or breathe in together and out together in the same intervals. Continue this breathing exercise on and off throughout the experience and remember that breathing quickly and/or heavily, increases arousal; steadying the breath allows us to control our orgasm. Finally, eye contact, eye contact, eye contact! If at first this feels awkward keep at it – eye gazing is one of the most powerful ways to build a bond and trust.

It’s important to remember this can be a highly emotional experience. You may find yourself crying or just as easily laughing – let it all out, don’t be embarrassed! If your partner is overcome with emotional energy, remember to continue to offer them loving kindness and encouragement; hold them gently while they release.

During your Tantric practice, you may incorporate other things such as chocolates, fruits, wine, toys – and as our guy James Hewitt put it, “Aphrodisiacs and drugs (mainly bhang or ganjam, types of cannabis) may be taken.”

So there you go – now marijuana can aid you in this spiritual experience with its generous and gentle meditative properties, allowing you to delve deeper into your self and your partner.

Or, as Bob Marley put it, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

Once you’re both comfortable and you can feel the sexual energy flowing, you can proceed into coitus in a position where you are able to maintain eye gazing, such as lotus, missionary, etc. Open up communication, and be honest in asking for what you want, what you like. Take the time to learn more about each other’s desires, and remember to keep the energy flowing, the love growing. Touch each other, caress one another but suspend orgasm, learning to ride that wave without going over.

When you feel the sexual energy building in your lower chakras, run your hands up each others backs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Repeat this motion slowly and consistently to move this powerful energy through your whole form, allowing you to utilize it for all things beneficial.

Multiple orgasms may be achieved, or perhaps none at all. The rest of the practice is up to you. I’ve even heard of those who practice this alone with enormous success. The idea is to harness your sexual energies for greater purposes, to grow a deep connection and trust with yourself and/or a partner, and to open yourself up to a whole new spiritual dimension of sex where sex isn’t just about the physical journey but the psychical and spiritual as well.

So that being said, I triple-dog dare you to practice some Tantric sex, either with someone you love or with yourself.

Meditation, Yoga, Tantra – all of these practices open you up to your own inner self. They aim to destroy the ego and I-self while promoting the All-One truth, inner peace, a quiet mind, and a greater sense of purpose. Lucky for us — Marijuana seems to go hand-in-hand. It gives us a glimpse into the power of our own minds and the blessing of tuning in, perhaps in the process giving us the insight needed to pursue that feeling further and go deeper into ourselves.