PLAYLIST: 420 Raps

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Yeah yeah, it’s become quite the cliche these days: white girls listening to hip hop. How hipster hop of me. But really, I didn’t get into hip hop until I started smoking pot and listening to the words. It’s 420 week and here at LadyBud we are celebrating marijuana culture, to which I nod to some of the big guns here: Snoop Dogg, E-40, Afroman. But we are also remember that the Drug War Isn’t Over, to which I nod to some rappers who are influential in highlighting the injustices caused worldwide by the War: Immortal Technique, 2Pac, Nas.


This mix comprises a few of my favorites like:

Immortal Technique: Have you not read People’s History of the World? Unfamiliar with Howard Zinn or Chris Harman? Consider this your International Relations 101, and like Hooked on Phonics, the beats will make the message really stick. If you aren’t fired up to do something after listening to him, you have no soul. Tech is also a major player in the Occupy Movement in his native New York. I had the privilege of seeing him live in Oakland shortly after the Occupy Oakland camp was raided in 2011, he is the most intelligent rapper alive today.

But what really makes Technique different than other rappers– he raps about money an drugs but doesn’t worship them.

“You got grills in your mouth? I aint mad at ya! I own every gold mine in South Africa” – Immortal Technique Rich Man’s World (1%)

Murs: Murs is not your typical LA rapper. Yes, I included Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac on this mix (how could I not?) but Murs is definitely far more introspective with a vintage soul feel. If you live in LA or you are just visiting, blast this while driving downtown, on Ventura, the Coast Highway or even through one of the canyons.

Tupac and Biggie: Because who doesn’t make a hip-hop playlist without including one, or both, of these legends?