Rethinking the Old “First Trimester Rules”

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PHOTO CREDIT: Toni Agosta ~ Shutterboxx Photography of Diane Fornbacher 

DISCLAIMER: Though we encourage all women to think for themselves when it comes to their own bodies and child-rearing, please know that if you choose to consume cannabis during pregnancy and test positive for it, the law may get involved through your healthcare provider if they choose to report on the test results.

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing and one of the most important phases in a woman’s life. However, some women experience intractable nausea, vomiting, and dehydration (also known as ‘Hyperemesis gravidarum’ or HG) like medical marijuana lawyer and activist Shaleen Title. She’s 13 weeks along and shares exclusively with Ladybud her personal experience with rejecting off-label drugs that have unsavory side effects such as Zofran (trouble breathing), Phenergan (seizures, drooling, nausea), and Reglan (tardive dyskinesia).

She touches upon the philosophy of the Ayurvedic approach to medicine as well as considered medical marijuana, although there is a lack of scientific evidence and peer-reviewed studies. Historically, many cultures have used it to combat pregnancy-related discomfort and more serious conditions like HG. She refers to studies she’s read about cannabis use in pregnancy, her travails through pregnancy-related sites and the sometimes abusive way people react when desperately ill women looking for help on discussion boards are treated when asking if cannabis could help abate their suffering. She encourages women to make their own decisions for their own bodies, not simply doing what they’re told.

Thank you, Shaleen!

Diane Fornbacher

For more info on the available literature regarding women and medical cannabis use during pregnancy, please see:
‘Breathe, Push, Puff? Pot Use and Pregnancy: A Review of the Literature’