Jenna V. Loceff’s Five Beauty Essentials

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I am not a typical girlie girl who takes long showers every morning, shaves my legs and blow dries my hair, but I do have an arsenal of products I couldn’t live without.

I know Argan Oil has recently come on the scene as the magic cure-all; from repairing split ends to minimizing wrinkles and softening cuticles. Overpriced brands have embraced and marketed the hell out of it, but I personally would be loath to live without it. As a moisturizer, it penetrates quickly, leaving no oily trace as one would imagine, and put it on dry ends of over processed or sun damaged hair, leave it on overnight and you will wake up with luxurious locks rivaled only by Rapunzel. That is, before the prince started climbing up her hair doing god-knows-what to it.  I like the brand Acure, as it is 100 percent organic and sustainably made.


Burt’s Bees makes a cream called Milk & Honey, and while it is thick, it is not greasy. I use it in summer when I have spent too much time at the river, and in winter when the cold wintry air makes my (often hairy) legs dry. In a pinch, I have used it on my face without too much build up, not something I would do with most body lotions. It also smells heavenly and has been the impetus to many a fun-filled night.


I am blessed or cursed, depending on how you look at it, with long, long curly hair. I have tried every product on the market…really every single one, to either straighten, curl or just de-frizz. Deva Curl makes a product line for my curly-haired sisters and brothers and the favorite of mine is called Set it Free. It is perfect for after showering and when left in and air dried, the curls are perfect, shiny and enviable by all.


I am an addict of lip goo of all kinds and have everything from Chapstick brand Chapstick to Dior Addict and Sugar Treatment, both $25 to $30 retail, but my absolute favorite is Blistex DCT which comes in a tub, you can get it at the grocery store for less than five bucks. It softens lips for hours and plumps just a little for those who later want to lipstick them.


Essie Essie Essie. God, I love painted toes and fingernails. The only brand I have found that doesn’t stain my nails is Essie and they come out with new colors every season. The only thing that would make me happier about the brand is if I could be the one to pick the color names. I mean seriously, that IS someone’s job.