REVIEW: SEX POT: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On

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Photo: Kenneth Locke of author Lisa “Mamakind” Kirkman

By Helen Jane Evans

Not your average guide to, well, anything, SEX POT: the Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ it On by Mamakind, is a veritable vocab-volumizing, stoner and sexaholic stimulating (and if read aloud to some friends) oral orgy of organic orgasms.

The book, which came out in 2011, goes through SKUNK Magazine sex columnist Mamakind‘s truly facilitating obsession with all things sex, weed and partner pervo play.

I wasn’t fond of the format of the book which was heavy on bright colors that clashed a bit, oftentimes making it difficult to read, but maybe that is because I hadn’t just sucked on a cock or a bong stem right before reading it and my eyes weren’t crossed.

Although SEX POT has its fair share of raunch, Mamakind places a strong emphasis on safe and consensual, stressing many times the importance of trust with your partner and having a “safety word” if BDSM is involved.

A bit hyperbolic at times, it is clear that while she is a truly fun-loving fetishist, she likes to be as out there as possible, as if much of the content was created purely for shock value.

The book itself is a conglomeration of columns from SKUNK, new content and quizzes to find out if you are a lame poser stoner or a real life marijuana maven as well as a lot of vocabulary for newbies to the less-typical side of sex.

She is open minded, almost to a fault, but certainly with limitations. When one reader asked if it is wrong to want to fuck dogs, she says: “Yes…*shudder*” showing the reader there are lines even she will not cross.

She discusses the aphrodisiac qualities found in marijuana and encourages its use in lovemaking.

Like Cosmopolotian magazine, she explains how to give the perfect blowjob though her details are a little more graphic. Like SKUNK, she explains the difference between a sativa and an indica, but with a little more flair. And like YM (You know what I am talking about girls, don’t EVEN pretend you didn’t read the crap out of that magazine when you were kids!) she quizzes and quizzes until you aren’t sure if you are or you aren’t any of the following:

a) a stoner

b) a bongslut

c) straight

c) gay


d) all of the above.

If you are a prude who just smokes a few times a year, this is not the book for you. If you are a megaslut stoner who wants to feel normalized and learn a few new tricks, run, don’t walk, to the nearest bookstore.