Tunisian Preacher Calls For Execution Of Topless Female Activist Amina Tyler

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Feminist group FEMEN is calling for a “topless revolution” in Tunisia after a Muslim preacher said he wanted a girl stoned to death because she posted a topless photo of herself on Facebook.

Amina Tyler, 19, posted a photo of herself without a top on and with the words “My body belongs to me” written in Arabic across her chest. The woman is a native of Tunisia.

Tyler is known to be a FEMEN activist. Reports indicate she might not have been in Tunisia when she posted the photos onto her Facebook.

Her parents have since taken her to a psychiatric hospital in Tunis.

Media in Tunisia claim that if Amina did post the photo in her home country, she may be punished for two years in prison and given a fine between £40 and £400.

But many religious leaders don’t care if it was taken in the country or not, and are ready to take the law into their own hands. […Read More]