Stoner Ingenuity: A Cleaning Tip Modified for Stainless Steel Cookware

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Like many of my friends, I use rubbing alcohol and salt to clean my pipes and bongs. It is fast and efficient. The alcohol evaporates quickly, so there is no wait time between a clean bowl and a fresh bud. It’s perfect, right?! That said, here’s the story:

I have been worried about using pots and pans with that non-stick crap on them for years, and I have wondered, as I see it chip off, if it is okay for me to be eating off of it. Some of it must surely be chipping off into my food. Finally, I bought myself some decent stainless steel cookware.  My sister, the culinary school graduate, convinced me that it wasn’t hard to clean if I stayed on it. So far, she has been right.

Last week, I made myself an old-school batch of popcorn. You know, where you put the oil in the bottom of the pan and pop it on the stove. I like to make it this way because I can use my medicated cooking oil. Once I am halfway through that batch of popcorn, even the Kardashians can get interesting, if you know what I mean.

So, I head to the couch with my bowl of popcorn, thinking that I had turned off the stove and that smell was just residual.  Not so; I had forgotten to turn off the burner – YIKES!  My lovely, new-ish stainless steel pot was burnt to shit! I was mad, sad and my first thought was to throw the pot in the trash. But a little voice in my head (most likely my sister’s) said, “You can make this pot look just like new with a little elbow grease.”

I soaked the pot in Comet and Simple Green and scrubbed on it for two days. My old lady hands were sore from scrubbing, but I was making serious headway. I could see the goal of a perfectly clean pot might not be possible, but it would most definitely be usable.

I took a break to smoke a bowl and ponder on what other combination of cleaning solvents could tackle such a seriously cooked-on mess. As I torched my bong and sucked in that big, green clean hit, it hit me like a head rush! Try rubbing alcohol and salt ON THE POT! I was so excited at this prospect that I didn’t even finish my bowl!

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Of course it worked beautifully! I wish I had thought of it two days earlier.  I wish I had the presence of mind to take a “before” picture. But that’s the thing about stoner ingenuity – you never know when it’s gonna hit. Here’s the “after” pic; those spots are the light reflecting in the background because that pot is so damn shiny!