PLAYLIST: The First Females of Outer Space

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As of late I have been listening to a lot of music I like to think would provide the soundtrack to the first female colonizers of space. It is obviously electronic, with hints of 80s synth and dashes of primal-tribal beats with a future-forward space age feel.

Niki & The Dove: My guiltiest pleasure of this mix—Niki & The Dove. I wanted badly not to like this band. I judged the cover, and yes I know you are not supposed to do that, but it reminded me so much of an airbrushed Xanadu-esque scene straight off a carnival ride I could practically smell the pile of chilli-dog puke outside the Gravatron and feel the creepy carnie with missing teeth leering at me and my bitchy 12-year-old friends.

Niki & The Dove may look like bad carnival art from the outside but the music itself is the best all-weather driving with the windows blasting and music playing at decibels unsafe for human ears music. Just not traffic, a beautiful snow-scape or a beach or something more picturesque.

They are a simple male-female duo from Sweden with just enough synth-edge paired with vocal intensity that they sound almost futuristic but nostalgically Jem-era 1980s at the same time.

Purity Ring: “You’re such a goddamn hipster!” my sister shouted when I first blasted this in front of her. Whatever. You’re not a hipster if you don’t live like a hipster and nothing I do is intentionally ironic. I also listen to lots of stuff that isn’t so hip too.

Purity Ring are a young obscurely-Canadian duo with only one album so far. “Fineshrine” in particular has been the soundtrack to every stoned shower I have taken in the last 2 months– which is basically every shower I take because I am big on “wake and bake.”

On an unrelated side note– I once met a girl while trimming who took the stoned shower to a whole other level. She and her housemates kept a bong and a bowl of Starbursts in the bathroom, specifically the yellow and pink ones, at all times for showers. She claimed there was unmatched euphoria in ripping a huge hit from the bong and then standing in the shower, face pointed directly into the hot water while a single Starburst melted on her tongue. I tried it, she’s was dead on.

The other best enhancement to a stoner-shower? Good cosmic space music like Purity Ring. Don’t let the name fool you, their music has nothing to do with chastity. In fact, I would posit that this entire album is stellar love-making music.

Bjork: How can I even joke about what kind of music futuristic people colonizing space would listen to without including earth’s own alien– Bjork. Bjork is so space-age she invented her own instrument for her latest album, Biophilia, because there there simply wasn’t one in existence on earth that could make the noises in her head yet.


So light up, get in the shower (not the Gravatron) and blast this playlist!!