Money is the Biggest Obstacle to Marijuana Legalization

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Pot Smokers Need to Donate to End Prohibition

There is one major obstacle stopping the full implementation of medical cannabis laws and the legalization of cannabis nationwide and it is not the Drug Enforcement Administration– It is money.

Budget issues were the key factor in the success of the legalization initiatives in Colorado and Washington, rather than in California. Voters in all three states showed nearly identical support for reforming these laws. None were a sure win, but each stood a chance, if voters could be educated and advocates coordinated. But, the combined budgets of Colorado and Washington equaled the total expense of winning California, and with limited funds, the choice was easy. Core organizers, groups, and funders joined forces in Colorado and Washington to end cannabis prohibition in those states. Good news is, solidifying those two wins will makes the job easier (and less expensive) in all  […Read More]