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We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.
-Cesar Chavez

CommunityCann advocates and inspires community service, community resource and community education by encouraging growth with positive principles like charity and taking care of each other.

After the 2010 California Proposition 19 campaign ended, we didn’t want to stop fighting for full legalization. During our final meeting as the Los Angeles branch of the campaign, we discussed where we had come up short—where had we met a lot of resistance and what kind of approaches we should try next.

This bold and unique team of field leaders and volunteers spent the months leading up to the election volunteering their time and their skills to making marijuana legal. From tabling events in 100+ degree weather at street fairs and large events to indefatigably phone banking day in and day out, the LA campaigners were valiant, strong and dedicated to making change.

What we realized was that even with radio ads and huge internet campaigns, most people we ran into on the streets had very little clue about the intentions or specifics of Prop 19, let alone marijuana itself!

In some settings, many of the volunteers were made to feel as though they had the plague or they were viewed as scum. But why?! In California, medical marijuana had at this point been legal for 14 years and many other states had passed similar laws. So why were we demonized? Where was the disconnect from the compassion and diversity of our culture and how other people treated us or spoke to us?

The more important question is, what have we done for them? Not everyone uses cannabis and not everyone understands the intentions or benefits— to the extensive social damage caused by the Drug War or the medical value of cannabis. What kind of campaigns have we geared towards educating the people in our communities?

What kind of campaigns have we geared towards educating the people in our communities?

Realizing all of these questions had empty answers, we decided that in-between campaigns (2010 and what we hoped would be 2012) we would keep pressing forward under the name CommunityCann to strengthening the local awareness and help grow the community at the same time!

Since our start, we’ve learned through trial and error and are still growing as a team. We have monthly meetings where we discuss and plan upcoming events like helping host art shows and music events, clean-ups  at parks and road sides, tabling at local road shows or street fairs and over-all, most importantly, building our presence within our individual communities.

As of right now, we have two CommunityCann groups in Los Angeles: one in northern LA County (the desert areas) and one in Silverlake/Atwater village area, east of Hollywood. We were even highlighted in a local college’s newspaper—given a full page and cover byline!

We would love to expand and open up our efforts to every community across the country and it starts with you. It’s not just about changing laws, it’s about growing as a strong and competent society.

Strengthen your roots and reap the benefits of its healthy fruits!



To learn more or join the team, contact Forrest:

Phone – 818-415-8094