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 Executive Editor:
Diane Fornbacher

Web Development and Design:
Terry Wall

Contributing Editors:
Vanessa Waltz, Maggie Volpo, Tori LaChapelle, Diane Wattles-Goldstein, Jessica Catalano, Simone Fischer, Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D.

Creative Director:
Amber E. Senter


 Irreverent. Fashionable. Refined. Real.

Ladybud Magazine launched on April 2, 2013 to much excitement. Today, Ladybud.com is the #1 women’s lifestyle publication with a focus on activism specific to Drug War reform and other socially progressive issues. Ladybud Magazine fills a void in both mainstream and drug policy reform media. Traditional marijuana media focuses on young men and features content about cultivation and party culture. While we at Ladybud respect these roots, we are doing something very different. Our writers are mostly women in their 20s-60s who cover a wide variety of topics: marijuana activism, culture, beauty, sex and food. We are mothers, fashionistas, activists and the average American woman. We identify as the average modern woman who also believes the Drug War is one of the greatest social and civil rights issues facing our nation and the world today. We are taste makers with a definitive and respected brand that generates loyal repeat readers. We have the ability to shape opinion on major issues by creating content that does not fall into the trap of the journalistic illusion of “non-bias.” By explicitly presenting content from credible sources with an activist purpose and function, we create responsible dialogue surrounding critical issues.

We use smart words and fun words; we are crass, fancy — a mixture of everything. We love cannabis absolutely, or have a casual relationship with Mary Jane, and some of us don’t medicate or consume with it at all. However, we do stand united in this philosophy:

Cannabis is safe and it should be legal for responsible adults and available to patients who need it. Hemp is a versatile and indeed, Earth-saving plant, and it is our right to be able to grow everywhere and anywhere to reverse all the damage we as a species have done to our home. The Drug War must be chopped down. It is dangerous and unhealthy for children and other living things and is an apex for all human rights and environmental crimes against humanity. It is an abomination that we can neither afford nor tolerate.

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  1. 4/20: NORML Women’s Alliance Wake & Bake
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 03:26:18

    […] will make an appearance. Diane is the creator of this new online magazine with a female focus, LadyBud, which is all […]

  2. generousteve@gmail.com' Stephen Weber
    Apr 13, 2014 @ 21:23:00

    Craft is interested in how opioids such as codeine and cannabinoids such as THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, create different reactions in the sexes. In her work, she exposes the animals to the drugs and studies their reactions to the
    environment along with their blood, brains and other biology through the course of their hormonal cycle. And she’s found that females often do react differently, depending on where they are in that cycle. She recently found evidence that THC gets amplified when females ovulate. She extra estrogen at that time appears to interact with the THC, making the reaction to the drug stronger, she said.


  3. generousteve@gmail.com' Stephen Weber
    Apr 13, 2014 @ 21:26:00

    Rebecca Craft, a researcher at Washington State University, has been studying the creatures, male and female rats, to see if they react differently to the drug. And it
    looks like she’s on to something, especially when it comes to THC, the chemical in marijuana that creates a sense of euphoria for recreational users. It’s a finding that women who use the plant may want to consider, she said.

    “Female (rats) show a spike in THC (sensitivity) right around the time they’re ovulating,” she said. “I suspect that’s true in humans too, but there are no studies on that yet.” The discovery means that women who are ovulating may have a much stronger reaction to the THC, possibly because it gets amplified when it interacts with estrogen, she said.


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  7. livelybutterflyempire@gmail.com' Vanessa Vivi Reich-Shackelford
    Apr 02, 2015 @ 00:38:00

    How does one write for your fine publication? :D

    • diane@ladybud.com' Diane Fornbacher
      Apr 03, 2015 @ 11:38:00

      Please submit pitches to diane(at)ladybud.com

  8. matthewjgoheen@yahoo.com' OR_Coast_Greenman
    Oct 12, 2015 @ 01:08:00

    Love your site and would like to recommend it to people new to cannabis medicine, however I cannot, due to the sheer number of spammers looking to scam people in the comments…

    It would be awesome to go through the comments on your posts that are obvious “Nigerian oil scammers”, claiming some Doctor or another, or Rick Simpson himself can be contacted at a gmail or outlook email address to obtain cannabis oil, and remove those comments, if this platform allows you to.

    Some of the people I would like to refer to this site for info may be desperate and not know better.

    • social@ladybud.com' Ladybud Magazine
      Dec 03, 2015 @ 19:41:00

      We were on temporary hiatus. Sadly, spammers never sleep. We are currently working back through the articles, clearing out spam comments. Check back soon to see a much cleaner comment section!