No One Wants to Give Your Kids Cannabis Candy This Halloween

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Halloween is a holiday that is all about community, scary fun, and kids in modern America. How sad is it that children have their joy infringed upon by urban legends completely unfounded in reality? For years, parents have felt compelled to check the candy their children bring home, looking for poison and razor blades. This is despite the fact that there has never been a stranger poisoning incident confirmed that resulted from trick-or-treating.

Interestingly enough, people don’t seem to warn parents about poison or razors anymore. The new big bad threat hovering over Halloween seems to be cannabis for some reason. Every year like clockwork, police stations in different states and media outlets around the country start talking about the potential for trick-or-treaters to come home with cannabis candies.

With just over two weeks left before Halloween, the Johnstown Police Department from Pennsylvania has issued a warning to parents simply because they found a cannabis infused candy during a raid that looks like a national brand of candy. The product in question looked like in the popular Nerds Ropes. There are so many issues with these warnings that it’s hard to even know where to start.

First of all, Nerds Ropes in particular are large and expensive candies that people likely aren’t going to hand out to kids on Halloween. More importantly, regardless of the branding and packaging, cannabis-infused candies cost a lot more than a big bulk bag of suckers or chocolate treats. Most individually wrapped edibles cost at least $5, if not closer to $20 in some cases. It is hard to imagine even the most frivolous individual wanting to spend hundreds of dollars to hand out cannabis candies to unsuspecting children on Halloween.

That’s without even considering the fact that that individual would clearly wind up caught by law enforcement after kids consume the candies. Criminal charges would surely result, and there’s little question that the average person doesn’t want to go to jail for attempting to poison dozens of children. And that’s if the children eat the candies. With so much to choose from, those edibles could sit in a pail until they go in the trash, or the kids could reject them because they taste funny compared with the other chocolate they have in their haul.

Finally, most people who consume cannabis enjoy doing so and don’t want to have it become any more difficult to do. Even in states with a legal market, there are already many hoops the average person has to jump through before they can bring home their legal bag of weed or box of medicated candies. Handing out medicated foods to children would only result in prohibitionists pushing back against legalization.

The take away from this is that there would be no reason for anyone other than someone opposed to legalization to hand out cannabis-infused candies to trick-or-treaters. Instead of worrying about weed in your kids’ candy bucket, why don’t you just make sure that they brush their teeth before they go to bed? Tooth decay is a much more realistic problem to worry about than overpriced cannabis candies coming home with trick-or-treaters.

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