Protecting Yourself From Contaminated Vape Cartridges

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For years, individuals in the cannabis community have pointed to vaporizing, topical applications, and edible cannabis products as less-harm options that should be available to anyone. While it certainly is true that inhaling combusted plant smoke is not the optimal way to ingest cannabinoids, that doesn’t inherently mean it is the least safe option.

The recent outbreak of a mysterious lung disease related to the potential inclusion of dangerous additives highlights how attempts to package cannabis can be more dangerous than simply smoking it. People are looking at vitamin E acetate in vaporizer cartridges as a possible culprit, but the research is far from conclusive at this point. What we do know is that at least six people have died and roughly 380 others have become sick due to issues with vaporizing. It’s worth noting that not everyone who has reported symptoms vaporizes cannabis; some only use vapes as an alternative delivery system for nicotine.

Cannabis is one of the most intensely regulated natural products in the United States. Places that legalize it tend to have extreme rules in place regarding everything from chemical testing of products to tracking supply until it reaches consumers.

Unfortunately, the people creating these rules don’t necessarily know more about the public health implications of new cannabis technology than anyone else does. No one really knows whether specific flavorings could be more dangerous than others or what additives will have what long-term health impacts because the practice is still relatively new.

Many businesses in the cannabis and vaping industries are anything but transparent when it comes to the processes and ingredients that they use. They make claim trade secrets, but unfortunately that may leave consumers unable to really tell which options are the best for them.

Individuals worried about the lung conditions reportedly associated with certain vaping cartridges would likely benefit from choosing natural, plant-based cannabis until more medical research determines the actual cause of the reaction certain people have had.

When you look at the massive pool of millions of Americans who use cannabis, a half dozen individuals dying from a mysterious illness is minuscule comparatively. However, understanding what may lead to that condition could help keep cannabis consumers all over the world safe in the future.

If you don’t know the exact contents of your vape cartridge, it may be best to set it aside for the time being until the problematic components have been identified and you can have your cartridges tested for safety. On the plus side of things, state-level legalization has made it easier for both the government and cannabis users to track these issues and has made it less worrisome for individuals to honestly report that cannabis vaping could potentially contributed to the symptoms they experience. Hopefully, there will be answers sooner rather than later so that people can go back to fearlessly enjoying their vaporizors.

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