Cannabis Researcher Suing Federal Government Over Bad Weed

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Dr. Suzanne Sisley has been the subject of quite a few articles regarding cannabis research and legalization. She has long been one of the only respected academics willing to jump through all the hoops necessary with various federal organizations to perform cannabis-related medical research with an okay by the federal government.

Unfortunately, the University of Arizona backed out of partnering with her in the past, largely due to politics. Thankfully, because her work is supported by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), she had access to adequate funding to relocate the study to Colorado and continue her research. In fact, the state helped fund her work.

However, her efforts have now encountered another stumbling block. Specifically, she believes that the quality of the cannabis she is allowed to use under federal provisions does not meet the standards necessary to produce accurate research results. The only source of cannabis Dr. Sisley is allowed to access, despite legalization in many states, is cannabis grown by the University of Mississippi. That has been the federal policy for cannabis research since the 1960s.

Unfortunately, that cannabis is of incredibly low quality. Not only is it lower in cannabinoids than cannabis available through regulated and illegal markets, but it also comes as a mixture of strains all combined. Under rules set by the federal government, she can only use this particular source of cannabis for her research. And now, she is suing.

In a suit filed by her research company in June, Doctor Sisley claims that the restrictions are unnecessary and have compromised her research. Only time will tell how the courts rule, but as independent laboratory testing can substantiate her claim that the cannabis provided by the University of Mississippi to her for use in the research is substandard when compared with the medical or recreational cannabis available in other states, that may be enough to sway a judge in her favor. Once again, Dr. Susan Sisley proves to be a trailblazer when it comes to cannabis research, in part because she is not willing to back down.

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