Cannabis Plants Growing at Vermont Capitol

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Vermont is well known for its rolling hillsides, maple syrup, a famous ice cream company, and relatively liberal policies. After all, it is home to none other than Bernie Sanders. The state legalized cannabis for medical purposes in 2004 and last summer marked adult recreational cannabis for adults, as of July 1st.

Despite its liberal tendencies, Vermont does still have rules and laws in place that must be followed when it comes to cannabis. So that makes the discovery of 34 cannabis plants in a garden bed outside of the state capitol that much funnier. According to official reports, a visitor alerted staff at the Vermont capitol building to the potential presence of a cannabis plant outside.

Officers conducted a brief investigation, which did confirm the presence of at least 34 juvenile cannabis plants on prominent display in various planters and garden beds. Unfortunately, due to their discovery by a well-intentioned citizen, those plants are (likely) now dead. The number of plants put them outside of a legal grow under Vermont law, but the state isn’t interested in pressing charges.

Officers said they would need to send them from testing if they wanted to know more, but they aren’t pursing criminal charges. As of now, it is not known whether the plants in question were psychoactive cannabis plants or if they were simply industrial hemp, with little or no THC present.

State law enforcement officers have asked the public for information regarding the plants, saying they are open to hearing why someone planted them where they did. At this time, the cannabis plants remain a mystery, if a somewhat amusing one, in a state that already allows for the legal use of cannabis.

Whether they are there as a protest or simply because many people appreciate the form and aroma of cannabis plants, they certainly called attention to the difficulty that law enforcement has in determining whether a cannabis plant is psychoactive or simply ditch weed.

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