No, You Don’t Need CBD in That Burger or Cookie

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Here at Ladybud, we have always embraced the beautiful potential that various cannabinoids offer humanity and the other beings with whom we share our planet. However, we have also always been quick to point out that a lot of the hype surrounding CBD is akin to snake oil sales. A bunch of people with no background in cannabis or medicine have suddenly become CBD experts who think that they are the ones running the brand that will change the world.

Recently, the burger chain Carl’s Jr. made waves by announcing their intention to medicate some of their foods with CBD. Although their medicated burger was only available for one day (4/20, of course) and in one shop, as kind of a dry run to see what kind of demand there could be for a medicated burger.

Gas stations, grocery stores, and even the Family Video rental chain have all jumped on the CBD bandwagon. Now, the maker of Oreos, everyone’s favorite completely unhealthy sandwich cookie, is considering adding a dose of CBD to some future potential products.

It absolutely boggles the mind that these companies seem to think that people need CBD in everything they eat. Those who want CBD for medical purposes will want to have controlled doses, which means they will probably need to consistently use the same brand of CBD products for the results they want. You aren’t going to successfully control chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia with a medicate burger or cookie.

Those who don’t have a medical need for CBD likely won’t experience any sort of benefit from consuming a CBD-infused cheeseburger or sandwich cookie. Not to discount the powerful effect of the placebo, but although CBD offers a host and benefits, it isn’t a miracle compound that can suddenly turn a cheeseburger into an anti-anxiety health food. Eating Oreos crammed full of sugar and CBD isn’t likely to improve your sleep habits or overall health. If you really do enjoy junk food or fast food, go right ahead. People don’t need to feel ashamed about their dietary choices or the comforts that they choose to get themselves through the day.

But let’s not pretend that adding CBD to everything is anything more than corporate desperation to benefit from the public’s increased interest in cannabis, including CBD. Instead of supporting some massive, faceless business that puts CBD into its products, consumers would do better to obtain CBD from legitimate, cannabis-based sources and support local products and growers.

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