Insurance Coverage Is the Next Medical Cannabis Issue

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It is common for activist to celebrate when they secure the passage of a medical cannabis law in their state. After all, a medical cannabis legalization law eliminates the criminal consequences for individuals who need cannabis for a medical condition, as well as the people who grow or provide medical cannabis. However, one of the big issues still remains: many of the people who need medical cannabis simply can’t afford to pay for it. Many of them are also too sick to grow it, even if their state would allow them to do so.

Unfortunately, buying cannabis at a dispensary is far from an affordable solution. While dispensaries do provide legal, safe access, they are also business that need to turn a profit. People pay a very steep price tag for quality medical cannabis products in many states. After all, the more serious medical conditions that respond to cannabis, like seizures, neurological disorders, and cancer, all require high doses of very clean cannabis extracts for optimal medical benefit.

That could mean thousands of dollars each month, which can be prohibitive for those who can’t work because of their medical condition. The only real solution to get cannabis medicine into the hands of the very ill is insurance coverage. Both private insurance programs and state-run insurance should cover cannabis for serious conditions or as an alternative for any covered treatment or medication.

Earlier this month, lawmakers in Florida debated on this critical issue. Now that their state constitution looks at cannabis as medicine, it may not be legal for insurance providers to deny cannabis coverage. If Florida were to change state law and policy, they would not be the first government to do so. Germany offers cannabis coverage for some patients, and one of the biggest insurance companies in Canada also offers cannabis coverage.

Patients who depend on cannabis as a cure shouldn’t be at the mercy of charity or dispensary pricing. Hopefully, insurance policies will eventually catch up with the law and with medical science when it comes to cannabis.

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