Florida Patients Can Finally Smoke Medical Cannabis

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Implementing new laws can often take a very long time. The delay between when voters or lawmakers create new laws and when they actually take effect can be incredibly frustrating. When the law in question has a direct impact on whether an activity is criminal or not, people may wind up needlessly charged with crimes and even convicted simply because they thought the law was already in place when in fact it was not.

Case in point, Florida’s medical cannabis laws. Patients have not been able to legally smoke cannabis despite overwhelming levels of voter support. Way back in 2016, Florida voters decided to legalize medical cannabis. Unfortunately for them, former Florida Governor Rick Scott and state lawmakers did everything they could to hamstring medical cannabis legalization. That included passing and signing into law a bill that made smoking cannabis illegal.

Thankfully, common sense has finally prevailed in Florida. On Monday, March 18th, the new governor, Ron DeSantis, signed a new state bill that effectively reverses the ban on smoked cannabis for those participating the medical cannabis program. There’s no question that have all the ways to ingest cannabis smoking or combustion is the least healthy option. However, it is not nearly as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.

For many people, it may be the easiest way to access cannabis medicine. Pills and medicated foods can offer overwhelming doses that take a long time to take effect. Smoked cannabis has an almost instant effect on the patient. More importantly, the patient can stop smoking immediately when they have achieved appropriate levels of relief. The same is not true of capsules or edible cannabis products.

Florida lawmakers are also considering a full legalization, although it is not likely to pass this year or next year. However, there is no question that Florida is one of many states currently marching toward comprehensive cannabis law reform and eventual legalization.

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