Minnesota Lawmakers Introduce Legalization Bill

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Minnesota could very well be the eleventh state to legalize adult recreational cannabis if certain state lawmakers have their way. HF 420, introduced on Monday, January 28th, 2019 would legalize without the need for voters to turn up at the polls. A similar bill was also introduced in the Senate.

Despite growing political support for cannabis legalization, many state lawmakers claim making the change isn’t a priority this year. Others are making statements about the risks of legalization, despite polling that shows a near supermajority favoring legalization.

The most recent form of fear-mongering, at least in Minnesota, is the worry about people under the influence of cannabis going out on the roads. This unnecessary virtue signaling about the dangers of stoned driving highlight the hypocrisy of certain politicians. The free market deserves protection above all else, unless they decide they’d rather close off one of the fastest growing segment of the economy out of outdated and scientifically inaccurate assumptions.

So what could legalization in Minnesota look like? Adults 21 and older will have the legal right to possess up to an ounce of cannabis. The law will specifically prohibit public consumption, although it would create a regulatory infrastructure for dispensaries.

With broad support and the potential to create a massive industry, there are very few legitimate reasons for lawmakers to oppose cannabis reform in Minnesota. The governor has promised to sign cannabis legalization measures if they make it to him for approval.

Even if the legalization bill recently proposed does not make it to the governor for a signature, it’s likely that the supporters of this bill won’t give up. People across the Midwest and the United States will be watching what happens in Minnesota.

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