Support the Annual Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive for POWs and Refugee Families

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The holidays are almost here. In between planning for get-togethers and shopping for presents, most people try to squeeze in a little bit of charity and goodwill toward others. After all, giving is the true spirit of the season. A gift has so much more value when the recipient is truly grateful for it. That is one reason why everyone here at Ladybud encourages you to donate to the annual Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive.

If you aren’t familiar with Parents 4 Pot, it is an outreach and education non-profit organization created by Mickey Martin. Since his passing, control of the group has been assumed by other enthusiastic activists, who seek to undermine the impact the drug war has had on good families.

Every year around the holidays, Parents 4 Pot raises donations of money and goods for families who have loved ones incarcerated as a result of the War on Drugs. They also collect items for families serving as public activists and those who have had to leave their home state for cannabis medicine, called cannabis refugees.

This year, there is a collection of very worthy recipients for the P4P Holiday Drive. Potential recipients include the family members of cannabis POWs Crystal Munoz, Corvain Cooper, Luke Scarmazzo, Ferrell Damon Scott, and Lance Gloor. There is only one refugee family this year: the Pyres family, who had to move to Colorado from Wisconsin to access medical cannabis for their young daughter, who suffers from regular and dangerous seizures. The Holiday Drive will also support activist families, including the Koerner family, the Wolfe-Furniss family, the DeMoss family, and the Kronen family.

If you have some spare money to donate or would like to purchase an item off of a gift registry, that is a beautiful way to get back to the cannabis community during the holiday season. These families might struggle to celebrate without the support of P4P and the canna-community. If you can’t spare any money through donations or gifts, the link to the Holiday Drive page also has addresses where you can write to POWs involved with the drive.

Happy Holidays, and here’s hoping that Parents 4 Pot reaches their goal this year!