How Dr. Bronner’s Is Helping Legalize Medical Psychedelic Use

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Anyone who enjoys reading has probably spent more hours than they would like to admit in their shower, staring at the unusually laid out text that wraps around the bottles of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap. The label features not only a list of uses for this amazing, natural soap but also what amounts to a psychedelic sermon, talking about the all-one nature of humanity and divinity.
Poster Designed by Brooke Baker for Dr. Bronner's

Poster Designed by Brooke Baker for Dr. Bronner’s

People use Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap for everything from washing up in the shower to making house cleaning products or even brushing their teeth. This original product that has since spawned a whole line of health and beauty goods comes in a variety of fragrances, from peppermint, almond, and citrus to lavender, rose, and eucalyptus.

Unlike some brands, which develop affectations of spirituality or morality to boost their brand, the idea of building a better human race is the cornerstone of the Dr. Bronner’s company. Emanuel Bronner was born in Germany, but he left before the Nazi rise to power. His early career involved lecturing about world peace, and he took those lessons to heart. After learning about the death of his extended family under the Nazi regime, he then lost his wife to illness. That spurred him to develop the 30,000-word work, the Moral ABCs, an except of which adorns the bottles of the company’s soap.
Dr. Bronner used to give away his soap to people who attended his lectures on morality and peace, but soon the brand took on a life of its own. Emanuel Bronner passed away in 1997, but his legacy lives on in the company now run primarily by his grandson. His family members are dedicated to preserving his legacy and pushing for compassionate and just policies here in the United States. Just last year, they pledged to donate a million dollars to MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, each year for the next five years. The intent is to help fund research into MDMA-assisted therapy.
Once the company started using hemp oil in their traditional recipes, they also helped organize a lawsuit about the DEA’s stance on industrial hemp after the seizure of hemp seeds and hemp oil the company attempted to import. They have also sued competitors who falsely claimed they used organic ingredients and even started their own coconut oil and palm oil farms to ensure that their sources for these staple ingredients met their environmental and employee treatment standards.
Image of All-one, the Dr. Bronner's slogan, over a rainbow background

All-One describes the interconnected nature of all life in the Dr. Bronner’s philosophy

This company has also donated lovely gift baskets to Ladybud in the past when we have organized fundraisers. We simply cannot say enough about how ethical a corporation Dr. Bronner’s is and how more people should support them by purchasing their products.

If you have not already done so, follow Dr. Bronner’s on social media. Consider switching your soap, your toothpaste, or even your lip gloss to a Dr. Bronner’s product. Not only will you know that you’re using clean, natural products, but you will also get the satisfaction that comes from supporting one of the few ethical corporations operating in the United States. As a bonus, there’s a potential for some of the money you spend to end up helping support psychedelic research. That’s a company practice that definitely supports their logo of “We’re All-One or None.”
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All images sourced from the public Dr. Bronner’s Facebook page