Ladybud Magazine Has No Affiliation With ‘Permit Patty’ Or Any Documentary

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Here at Ladybud Magazine, our focus has always been on pursuing intersectional social justice by exposing the hypocrisy of the War on Drugs. As a niche publication founded and run by a woman of color whose activism goes back into the 1990s, Ladybud has always tried to focus on relevant social justice topics.

Racism, sexism, and transphobia/homophobia are just some of the cultural issues we try to highlight with our coverage. We also try to to lift up women, especially women of color, who are making a difference in the world and in the cannabis movement.

Since 2013, Ladybud has been bringing you breaking cannabis news, relevant and emotional feature articles, and incredible art and poetry by amazing people.

However, we are in no way affiliated with the recently named and as-of-yet unreleased Lady Buds documentary. We have never interviewed, worked with, or otherwise endorsed Alison Ettel, better known as Permit Patty. We also have no professional relationship with TreatWell, the CBD treats company for pets that’s being dropped by virtually every reputable cannabis dispensary.

In the past, Ladybud editorial staff have made a point of calling out racism and sexism in our community, and it is heartbreaking to have our long-trusted brand tarnished by a mistaken connection with the latest viral act of racist white fragility.

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Our Instagram handle is @ladybudmag

If you are following @Lady.buds or, please know that this film and its content have no relationship, other than similarity in name, to our magazine.

We will continue to call out bullshit in our industry, as well as issues with racism, sexism, and ableism in our cultural more broadly. As always, we are grateful to our readers and supporters who have made Ladybud into the imitable brand it has become.