Good Guys with a Badge: LEAP Applauds Brave Speakers Pushing for Reform

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At Ladybud, we’ve always been big fans of the mission of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). This organization provides a valuable platform for the dedicated people who have spent their professional lives protecting and serving their communities.

In January of 2017, LEAP changed their name from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition to the Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Doing so helped mainstream their appeal and also broaden their platform from justice after the War on Drugs to all concerns that involve justice and public safety.

LEAP seeks to reform some of the most pressing issues in the law enforcement community by advocating for systemic change and educating law enforcement professionals and the public about the need for real policy shifts. Last week, they took the time to highlight some of their speakers in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week.

LEAP has sent speakers all over the country to talk about a variety of critical issues, many of which have their roots in the War on Drugs. They’ve stood up in support of harm reduction, the impact of police shootings on community relations and trust and systemic issues with civil asset forfeiture, among others.

Quote about the importance of exploring the root causes of crimes.

From the LEAP Facebook page

The people to volunteer, speak and travel on behalf of LEAP include current and former police officers, sheriffs, corrections officers and even judges and prosecutors. People like the recently elected head of the board of directors, Diane Wattles Goldstein, are making major changes by speaking up and encouraging responsible changes to national policy and law enforcement practices.

The War on Drugs is toxic to our nation and to our population. Far too many resources get wasted on enforcing an unenforceable ban. The War on Drugs has created a glut of prisoners and reduced the ability of citizens to fully trust those who are supposed to protect them.

The many volunteers and members of LEAP are taking a stand every day to change that. If you haven’t done so already, you can follow them on Facebook here. You may also want to bookmark their blog to read about upcoming events and featured speakers and activists.

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