Cannabis, Compassion and Culture: Ladybud Is Back from Break

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Time has a way of slipping forward ruthlessly, no matter our best intentions. In some ways, it seems like only yesterday that Ladybud was publishing every weekday. In the meantime, many of the people involved with the publication have begun doing incredible things, like the Ladybud Show livestream podcast.

During that long, on-again, off-again break, quite a few people have reached out to offer support and inquire about the future of Ladybud. While there have been strides made to ensure women and other voices better platforms in the industry, there is still much work to be done. The need for what Ladybud offers is as strong as ever.

We’re still here, we still care and we’re still eager to see growth in our community and the world at large. You can look forward to fresh content weekly, covering all the important topics that touch the lives and hearts of our readers. As always, you can come here to find updates on important cannabis news, major events, psychedelic research, culture, activism and of course, awesome women influencing the world in out Lady Business segments.

Read about some of the amazing women we’ve featured in Lady Business.

As a publication owned and run by activists and volunteers, Ladybud relies on the efforts of many to shine a light on important issues. With the resumption of ongoing publication, we will also begin accepting articles pitched from activists, cannabis lovers and culture changers.

You can submit articles, artwork and poetry for consideration via the Ladybud Facebook page or by emailing them to Please allow at least 48 hours for a response.