The Leather Kit from Silverstick

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The sophisticated yet streamlined all-in-one Leather Kit and the beautifully exotic wood dugout shown with Silverstick and filters. Lovely for consumers who also appreciate great design and function!

The Leather Kit from Silverstick is designed for life on the go. It’s a perfect fit for your front pocket or small purse and keeps everything you need in one compact place.

Handcrafted in the USA out of a rich Horween leather, it feels great to hold and is rewarding to share. Every millimeter is accounted for, and we’ve even etched icons of the contents into the leather so you know exactly where they fit best.

The SilverStick one-hitter uses natural cotton filters to offer a healthier and cleaner smoking experience. Thanks to its simple yet innovative design, it reduces tar and catches embers without compromising the high.

We also offer a collection of high-quality, handcrafted accessories that are customized for the SilverStick and designed for the most discerning smoker. Whether it’s the compact all-in-one Leather Kit, or the beautiful exotic wood dugouts, we strive to create products that you’ll love to use and be proud to share.

SilverStick operates out of Boulder, CO and believes in the importance of handcrafting products in the USA from high quality, honest materials and paying a fair wage. We want our customers to love our products enough to use them every day, so we hold utility, durability and portability atop our design principles.

Order online or if in Canada at Tokyo Smoke Shop in Toronto.

The Leather Kit comes with:

  • SilverStick one hitter pipe
  • 25 natural cotton filters
  • Stainless steel poker
  • Cap for the pipe
  • Airtight container, great for any smoking product
  • (Lighter not included)