HoodLamb Hemp Tailors Releases 2016 Winter Collection of Sustainable Vegan and High Eco-Fashion

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HoodLamb was established in Amsterdam in 1993 and was always years ahead of the curve promoting a sustainable life with hemp at the core. Their apparel is timeless yet innovative and for every new collection, HoodLamb works collaboratively with guest designers to create unique pieces and prints. Progress is a key element of the HoodLamb philosophy and each new season HoodLamb features new developments that encourages eco-technology, functionality and sustainability. Hoodlamb also uses a diversity of models of all colors and nationalities to represent the brand. All jackets are produced under fair working conditions in factories that they have chosen for their expertise and progressive working environments.


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Image courtesy: HoodLamb

We were so excited about the Hoodlamb Hemp Tailor pop-up boutique at SoHi Gallery (2209 Welton Street in Denver, Colorado) when they opened their new location in the historic Five Points section of the city. It’s a sumptuous experience to browse HoodLamb’s high end and finely-tailored vegan and organic hemp clothing that is filled with exclusive sale deals and the brand new Winter 2016 collection in the incredible art space. Boutique hours are Tuesday – Friday from noon to 7PM.

Co-Owner at Hoodlamb Colorado, the brand’s CO and US Agent office, CiCi Dunn has said about the brand, “I love this new ‘HoodLamb + Boutique Eco-Fashion approach very much because we never produce too much and for the Colorado market we don’t bring in that much inventory either, so it stays exclusive. It has taken the brand over 22 years to perfect the fabrics, faux-fur and designs so HoodLamb is super high-end and innovative hemp fashion without a doubt. I feel we can claim the ‘HoodLamb, Hemp Tailors’ name at this point.”

Ladybud publisher, Diane Fornbacher, recently picked up the Ladies Nordic Parka in dark grey
, cozy sustainable warmth with less weight using a natural hemp herringbone shell, hemp Satifur lining, and Thermore® Rinnova insulation made from recycled PET bottles.


Ladies Nordic Parka in Dark Grey


Hoodlab E-Store and Hoodlamb Colorado is a family-owned and operated HoodLamb Concept Store & World Agent for Amsterdam clothing label HoodLamb, Hemp Tailors. With their passion for hemp and stylish, vegan, eco-fashion, they operate as a creative agency for exclusive collaborations and custom merchandise. All jackets undergo a signature Hempulose treatment – an environmentally friendly water resistant coating which is made from natural cellulose derived from the inner core of the hemp stalk. It shows outstanding performance in wet, windy or cold conditions.

Supporting good causes is important to Hoodlamb, which we at Ladybud respect, love and support. They have a close friendship with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international non-profit wildlife conservation organization with a mission to end destruction of marine habitat and unnecessary slaughter of wildlife in the oceans. Hoodlamb’s awareness and support of such groups wins extra respect from Ladybud. Conscientious eco-fashion and helping protect the environment is necessary and noble.

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For info on US and Canadian stores that sell Hoodlamb Hemp Tailor Clothing, please visit:
Hoodlamb Retailers

More important and fascinating info on HoodLamb:


  • Established in 1993 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • It was important to wear natural clothing given the strong connection to nature felt by the founders, some of whom were surfers.
  • The first jacket was a Men’s Classic.
  • The faux-fur, named Satifur, has HoodLamb’s signature feature, providing instant comfort when worn.
  • The double zipper was added to be able to wear your jacket while changing out of a wetsuit.
  • HoodLamb has had the same core team for over 10 years – the sense of family extends to all its business partners and to anyone who wears a HoodLamb.


  • HoodLamb’s outerwear collection focuses on strength, sustainability, style, and function
  • The Classic jackets (Men’s and Women’s) are the original founder’s jackets – created to provide warmth after a day surfing the Atlantic coastal waters.
  • HoodLamb’s fabric strength is derived from the use of hemp – which is blended with organic cotton to create durable yet supple fabrics that are aimed at long-term wear and comfort.
  • HoodLamb’s signature Satifur lining, is a cruelty-free fur created using certified organic hemp, recycled PET.
  • Together, the shell fabric and Satifur lining create the unmistakable HoodLamb look which stands for style and sustainability.
  • HoodLamb’s knitwear collection is made using a hemp and certified organic cotton fleece blend which is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified.


  • HoodLamb has been a hemp pioneer since the early 1990s. The brand is committed to using the many benefits of hemp to create stylish, durable, sustainable clothing.
  • Hemp is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers.
  • Hemp enriches rather than depletes the soil by shedding its leaves throughout the season, creating a rich compost.
  • Hemp requires about half the amount of water that other agricultural crops do.
  • Hemp requires no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers to grow.
  • Hemp helps to purify the soil, removing heavy metals.
  • Hemp is considered a carbon negative raw material because its growth actually produces an outlet of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Hemp is free from allergens.


  • HoodLamb has over 10 years experience producing hemp clothing in China
  • HoodLamb supports small family farmers by sourcing directly from them.
  • HoodLamb sources only locally grown hemp which is hand sown and hand-harvested.
  • HoodLamb only produces in factories which satisfy GOTS social and environmental criteria – we personally oversee the production and maintain close relationships with a handful of factories.


  • As part of HoodLamb’s sustainability philosophy we only produce on collection or “batch” per year, in harmony with the annual hemp harvest.
  • This single batch approach means that:

○ The HoodLamb collection lives in harmony with the natural rhythm of nature.

○ HoodLamb produces to satisfy demand not to anticipate it.

○ HoodLamb minimizes the depletion of natural resources.

○ Hoodlamb is committed to a craft approach to making clothes that puts equal importance our product, the people who make it, and the natural flow of nature.


  • HoodLamb uses only the highest quality, hand-harvested hemp and other organic and recycled materials to create its collection.
  • We believe that by combining eco-friendly fabrics with innovative and timeless design fashion and sustainability can be perfectly joined to protect the environment.
  • The hemp HoodLamb uses is grown chemical-free.
  • The people who weave HoodLamb fabrics and sew its garments earn a living wage.
  • HoodLamb shell and knitwear fabrics are GOTS certified.
  • Through HoodLamb’s use of eco -friendly materials and the team’s personal involvement in each step of the design & manufacturing process, the brand has created international awareness about sustainable production and consumption in the fashion industry.
  • The HoodLamb collection demonstrates that great style does not have to come at the expense of a healthy environment.


  • HoodLamb is the official outfitter of Sea Shepherd’s missions worldwide.
  • HoodLamb uses the often extreme weather conditions on SS missions as tests for our jackets’ durability and resistance to wind, snow and rain.
  • HoodLamb has supported Sea Shepherd for nearly 10 years – donating a portion of all HoodLamb x Sea Shepherd sales to the organization.
  • To date, HoodLamb has donated over EUR 200,000 to support Sea Shepherd missions worldwide.