Will 2016 Be the Year of Weed and Women?

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As 2015 drew to a close, many of us did what we do each year at this time: reflect on the changes to our culture and personal lives that happened over the last year. 2015 was surprising in a lot of ways. It saw real, if biased, mainstream media attention focused on police brutality and militarization. It saw the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, shining a bright light on the scourge that is institutionalized racism in law enforcement. It saw transgender human rights finally become part of the mainstream media’s discussion of LGBTQIA lives and rights. 2015 was the year gay marriage was legalized federally, and the year that Saudi Arabian women were first allowed to vote in a national election.

2016 is already shaping up to be a better year for humanity as a result of all that progress. Multiple states have legalization of cannabis as a top issue in this year’s election, and others are courting extensive and comprehensive medical marijuana laws. Many outside onlookers predict as many as ten states may legalize cannabis during the next few years, including Massachusetts, California, Nevada, Michigan, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Maine, and Delaware. Efforts for comprehensive medical marijuana laws are also in the works in several states, including some of the most conservative, such as Florida.

Internationally, 2015 saw the effective end of cannabis prohibition in Columbia and progress in several other Latin American countries. It saw the government in Jamaica legalizing medical marijuana, decriminlizing cannabis in general,  and allowing for the ritual use (and cultivation) of cannabis by Rastafarians. Canada, in turn, saw the election of the much-hyped Justin Trudeau, who has publicly stated he wants to legalize cannabis across the whole nation to the north.

Here at Ladybud Magazine, we are proud to be part of a movement that is truly beginning to pick up steam in mainstream global culture. We look forward to producing and releasing engaging, thought-provoking articles about cannabis legalization, feminism, culture, and human rights. As always, we are accepting pitches and submissions for engaging articles (send them to maggie@ladybud.com for consideration). To see examples on how to pitch to blogs, please visit The OpEd Project.

We’re looking forward to helping lead the way to a safer, saner, more balanced and just society, and to provide some humor and amazing poetry for and by activists along the way as well.

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Photo Credit: giralt under public domain via Pixabay