Oregon Updates: Gov. Kate Brown Approves Adult Cannabis Recreational Use October 1st

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After long months of drawing up regulation, Gov. Kate Brown finally signed HB 460 into action allowing current, licensed dispensaries to sell cannabis to adults starting October 1st. All adults over the age of 21 are allowed to buy up to a quarter ounce (seven grams) of flower, per purchase. Cannabis products such as: edibles, concentrates and topicals are prohibited, unless you are a valid OMMP card holder.

Cannabis dispensary PRFs and industry leaders capitalized on the hypocrisy of legalizing cannabis as of July 1st , while failing to give Oregonian’s over the age of 21 safe access to cannabis through state-regulated dispensaries. Many were worried adults could not seek safe access to tested cannabis until the latter half of 2016. Luckily, Gov. Brown made the leap of faith by allowing adults to access Oregon’s currently regulated medical marijuana dispensaries, instead of strengthening the black market.

A win for the cannabis industry, only to be volleyed by a proposed $1,500 licensing fee, paid in full to Portland City Hall before dispensaries can partake. To put this number into perspective, the cost to obtain a liquor license in Oregon is $100 plus an additional $35 payment to renew every year. Why is the city gouging eager cannabis purveyors? To put it simply: because they can.

Despite astronomical licensing fees, medical marijuana shops will allowed to be to serve adults over the age of 21. Regulation for recreational shops is still being written and set to go into effect in 2016. Oregonians should feel good about acquiring lab certified, medical-grade cannabis without having to wait until 2016.