Veteran: We Should Not Have to Break Laws to Find Cannabis Relief for PTSD

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I’m a 14 year veteran recently discharged for non-compliance to “Treatment”. I was removed from a line unit and assigned to MedHold until cleared by someone with a lot of letters and punctuation behind their name. There is no therapy or medicine provided by the military. In order for me to be compliant, I would have to take time from my personal life to see civilian therapists or travel over two hours each way to a VA. Enough about that. I could also carry on about how offensive the abuse and neglect this country issues its veterans, like a broken M-4. I should thank my government for my service.┬áThank you for your patience.

My position is simply: Would or could cannabis treatment hurt? Regardless of gender, race, profession, etc., it should be up to the person suffering from PTSD to decide if cannabis is an option. As mentioned in Mitch Earleywine’s article ‘Letting Cannabis Help PTSD‘, ‘the right strain’ can have significant benefits. I have yet to find that strain. However, the possibility such a strain exists is the only thing keeping me from gargling a 9mm. I have experienced waves of hope and optimism for the first time in three years. I can’t remember what happy feels like but finally believe it is possible.

We shouldn’t have to break the law, nor should we be expected to remain patient and tolerant while experts work tirelessly to come up with a solution that is acceptable to all. I don’t buy it. I don’t believe anyone is working toward a solution but those of us suffering. No one would question our pain if we were missing a limb. You can’t see it until I’m in line behind you at the grocery store and suddenly begin to sob or take cover behind a parked car because some kid threw a firecracker. Otherwise we are met with skepticism and a ‘prove it’ type attitude.

Would smoking a joint or eating a cannabis infused candy cause more harm? Would my family, neighbors, colleagues, etc. be hurt or affected in some negative way? I place the onus on the government to prove it. Anyone! Prove it and I’ll concede.

Semper Fi.


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