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The PAX II is a product whose design was given a lot of care. The product itself is sleek and ergonomic. Most handheld vaporizers either feel bulky or light and flimsy, this one sits comfortably in your hand with just a little weight to it. The biggest visual difference from the PAX I is the lack of mouthpiece.  It takes a few packs to get used to sipping vapor from the top edge. However, the top acts as a reasonable mouthpiece, and the whole vape looks like a cylinder.  With a PAX 1 in hand, the only visible part was the mouthpiece, which gave away its function to any onlooker.

The PAX II charges quickly (package says 2 hours, which seems to be accurate) and has an unusual design feature: the PAX sits directly on a “charging dock”, without plugging into it.  The design on the front lights up one quarter at a time to indicate how much charge it has.

Using the PAX II is easy.  Once turned on, it remains hot, and pulling yields vapor without pressing any more buttons.  There are four heat levels, and the top two are most useful. One could draw vapor efficiently with the lower levels and reloading is easy. The bottom has a magnetic hinge that is easy to operate.  The cover is hot enough to require care but not to actually pose a threat to the user.  Another advantage to the smooth mouthpiece is that the PAX II sits upright so repacking is easy.

Vapor is tasty and potent, especially for a handheld vape.  The herb is used efficiently without needing to be stirred, and is used evenly, without leaving any burned or un-vaporized spots.  These functional aspects are what makes a vape good and desirable.

The PAX 2 is available here.