Senate Bill 964: Oregon’s Latest Bungle with Medical Marijuana

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Oregon Measure 91 officials seem to be forgetting 56% of Oregonians voted for our leaders to create a new system regulating recreational marijuana, not ripping the existing Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) to shreds. Senate Bill 964 will only create a world of hurt for medical marijuana patients and growers.

I am a current OMMP patient. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and underwent emergency surgery in December of 2014, which resulted in the removal of my right ovary. This was before SB 964 was drawn up and spearheaded by Democrat Ginny Burdick . Little did I know, by the time I got around to filing my paperwork for patient-card status under OMMP (in early January 2015), it was already to late.

I am one of the many patients that will be drastically affected by this bill. I was not one of the “lucky” (in regards to regulation) patients whose medical grow was arbitrarily “grandfathered-in” if registered pre-January 2015. I am one of the countless Oregon patients subjected to these rules created by people who are incapable of doing their jobs. Not only does my medical insurance refuse to cover any of my expenses to grow or afford my medicine of choice (cannabis)  — now recreational weed seems to take precedence over an established medical marijuana system that has been implemented/functional since 1998 (OMMA).

Major issues the Oregon medical community has taken to under SB 964, include Section 7. This portion limits medical grows that operate within city limits to 12 mature plants total, no matter how many cards currently exist at these grow sites if you registered post January 2015. Any medical grows operating outside of city limits are bumped to 48 mature plants per site, not to exceed 96 plants total if registered before January 2015. All new regulation under SB 964 will take effect March 2016, if passed by the senate.

All growers who register post January 2015 are limited to 4 patient cards per site to eliminate “card stacking”. It seems criminal to limit existing patients now that recreational weed is on the table. Oregonians are still getting sick and shouldn’t be punished by an outside entity (such as the Measure 91 committee) because we didn’t “get sick” before January 2015. What a fucking sham and it only gets worse from here.”

The kicker is that SB 964 allows local governments to effectively eliminate marijuana business within city limits, which renders Measure 91 obsolete and utterly useless in Section 30. Speculations of “delivery services” being created to accommodate patients living in “no-fly” zones, in respect to being able to safely purchase cannabis. Still, the burden of accessibility ultimately falls onto the backs of new and older Oregon patients.

Please do your part and contact your local representatives to represent the will of the people:

Rep. Ann Lininger 503 986 1438
Sen. Ginny Burdick 503 986 1718
Rep. Rob Nosse 503 986 1442
Rep. Kathleen Taylor 503986-1441
Sen. Diane Rosenbaum 503 986-1700
Sen. Rod Monroe 503 986 1724
Rep. Buckley 503 9861405