Lady Health: Top 5 Strains to Curb Appetite

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PHOTO: ‘Blue Dream’ by Andy Haggis

The popularity of using cannabis as a dietary tool has taken over social media and self-proclaimed gym enthusiasts alike. Contrary to weed’s signature munchy-inducing reputation, certain strains produce a cannabinoid that actually suppresses hunger. THC-V (or tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a psychoactive cannabinoid that curbs appetite and responsible for the “psychedelic” high many favor. THC-V reduces anxiety without mentally numbing the mind, and is currently being studied for osteoporosis treatment.

Only a few strains (at this point) contain THC-V and Ladybud has listed five (lab certified) strains below that contain it. These strains can be helpful for those suffering from diabetes or obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle to curb excessive calorie intake. THC has been shown to regulate insulin levels and potentially lower body weight. Regular cannabis users showed higher levels of HDL (beneficial cholesterol) in comparison to non-users. More research is currently being done on this topic to further understand our endocannabinoid system.

Do not use these strains if treating appetite loss that stem from  or suffering from eating disorders (anorexia & bulimia). This article is not intended to promote unhealthy/unrealistic-eating habits, be sure to consult with your physician before use:

1.) Jack the Ripper
JTR, an intoxicating sativa, is one of the few strains that contains THC-V. This hotly sought after genetic gained popularity for its citrus flavor, potency and frosty appearance. The high has been known to “sneak up” on people so dose lightly and wait twenty minutes between medication times. JTP is a highly cerebral strain known to boost creativity and inhibit hunger. Wonderful if looking stay busy without eating out of boredom. Ideal for morning or day time use.

2.) Durban Poison (African Sativa)
Alas, Durban Poison is an all-time favorite strain because of its incredible flavor and floral notes. DP flowers smell like heaven and concentrates are even better because of enlarged resin gland production. DP originated from Africa and has been recognized as a sativa-favorite globally. THC-V can be found in DP, thus making it a great option for those looking to lose weight. DP has been described as “racy” yet clear-headed high, excellent for creatives or those suffering from depression. Although this strain takes forever to grow, DP will always be a favorite among patients. Best for day time use.

3.) Skunk #1
The legendary skunk #1 hybrid strain created in the eighties is another THC-V option. The Thai sativa influences give a solid headiness to the strain, while staying grounded by the Afghani indica cross. Skunk is a favorite among growers and a crowd pleaser among patients. Who can resist the sweet, skunky goodness? If looking to prevent midnight munchies, use this strain before bed.

4.) Blue Dream
Another crowd (and grower) favorite is sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream. A cross between Blueberry indica and Haze sativa provides an excellent go-to strain for flavor, luxury and relief. Blue Dream is probably one of the most common strains found, depending on your location. Fruity, berry notes can be detected with a trichome landscape that reminds me of its parent Haze. The high is balanced and effective, both rookies and cannabis veterans can take delight in this strain.

5.) Cherry Pie (Durban F1 X Grand Daddy Purp)
The Cherry Pie strain tastes just as good as it sounds. If looking for the best pain relieving strains while still managing to curb appetite –look no more. The Durban cross provides THC-V as well as an exquisite taste & sour nose. If you can find a concentrate version of CP, you are in luck! Cherry Pie dabs are truly luxurious when watching your waistline. I would recommend this strain if looking to relieve pain while reducing appetite. (Depending on the pheno, this hybrid can feel “stonier” if indica-dominant).