The Ladybud Relaunch Party Was a Blazing Success!

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Ladybud Party

Ladybud Magazine centerpieces were designed by Jordan Person of Primal Therapeutics.
Photo credit: Ronn Nixon

Feature Photo: Kim Sidwell/Cannabis Camera

Everyone at Ladybud Magazine would like to thank the sponsors, donors, and attendees who made our second anniversary/relaunch party an evening to be remembered! Fascinating, brilliant people from all walks of life took the time to attend our event last night at the elegant Point Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, and we are grateful for the love and support this community has offered us!


Our humble and sincere thanks go out to Meg Sanders and MiNDFUL. Not only were they the primary sponsor of this event, they have been an aid and support in the process of re-launching, and we are forever in their debt. Meg Sanders delivered a rousing acknowledgement of the hard work of Ladybud to make the world a more caring and compassionate place.

Thanks are also due to The Freedom Leaf, a magazine whose philosophy mirrors our own. It is fitting then, that they chose to sponsor the Ladybud relaunch at the Philosopher’s Level. We’re grateful for their support and recommend our readers check them out!

Additionally, thanks goes out to Marimind Consulting, who helped sponsor the event and a number of Ladybud writers and supporters, who donated their products, books, and items for our silent auction. Donors include Kingman Industries, the makers of Cannalube, KGB Glass, Laura Notini of Dabutante, Green Candy Press, Piggy Potter Studios, Cheri Sicard and the Seal Press, Publisher of Mary Jane: The Marijuana Handbook for Women, Berkeley Patients Group, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Cultivating Spirits, Silverkind Jewelry, Jessica Catalano of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution and her publisher Green Candy Press, Mitch Earleywine and Dean Becker and many more. Also, a big thanks to Jason Thomas & Val Lundlie of Avalon Realty Advisors Marijuana Real Estate, who donated a case of wine for the event and volunteered their time to do check ins and set up for the night. Additionally, the talented and amazing Amber E. Senter provided lots of help with graphic design and product creation for the event, including but not limited to the banners, stickers, note cards and hatpins! 


We couldn’t have done all of this without your generosity and the dedicated help of all those who volunteered with set up and breakdown, so we want everyone who got the gallery early and stayed beyond midnight to help us get everything spiffy for our host location. Thank you!